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Medical manufacturers rally to
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Amcalon dealt blow by FDA

Food giant collapses amid
tainted baby food scandal

Opportunities As New
Markets Open For A Post Mortosis World.

Market Indices

ImClonex Systems (nasdaq: $25.23
IMCLX) Amcalon (nasdaq: AMCN) $84.27 

NASDAQ 26 19
Amex 2 2
NYSE 26 5

NIKKEI 13,549.23 -234.22 -1.70%
HANG SENG 24,808.02 -306.96 -1.22%

OIL - 0.71 0.78% = $90.13
10YR 30/32 105 4/32 = Yield: 3.62%

Medical Manufacturers Rally To Meet Demand.
Special financial report from Tokyo.

ZWN Financial Correspondent: Will Mitchell
Posted: Jan. 18th, 2008
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A spot of positive market news as the declining euro continues to spiral. In contrast, the yen although also declining has been stabilized somewhat by the tech. sectors sudden upsurge in demand for advanced medical micro imaging and diagnostic communication equipment. This is the hardware that is necessary for the research and containment in the continued war against the necro-mortosis virus.

With experts in most health fields continuing to forecast positive results in the advancement and research of isolation procedures for treatment of necro-mortosis affected cells, many Medical equipments manufacturing CEO’S are rallying their production capabilities to meet these new fluctuating market conditions.

This may also point to a renewed demand in European as well as western health research institutions for such equipment along with qualified personnel to operate these advanced machines as the information and technologies of these new systems are slowly but effectively integrated within international health agencies’ arsenal of treatment and research procedures. As always only time will tell if this system is an effective tool in the research fields as some are predicting.

The resulting economic data was not all positive however as many corporate financial analysts and health business directors voice concerns of elevated costs associated with integrating and maintaining a new diagnostic and communications system within an already heavily burdened and taxed health program already struggling to keep the infection at bay. However certain members of the health community have been quoted as saying the welcome of a new tool into the fight will be well accepted among their colleagues.

Hefty research and development costs, along with international restrictions on the supply of virus samples have confounded development to some degree.



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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
1 800 155 3219