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This site is for entertainment purposes only. All stories and events are fictional. Any similarities with persons either living or deceased in purely coincidental. There is occasional satirizing of prominent public figures. Contents of this site are copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
1 800 155 3219


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'305' Massacre: Questions Remain Unanswered.

Posted Feb. 12th. 2012,
Bucharest, Romania.

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Exactly what occurred on that fateful day last Sunday is still unknown. The day that left Romania's top zombie hunting team decimated, and a shocked nation in mourning, at this time, remains elusive.

Today it was confirmed that, producer Constanta Vasile, and three top executives from the production company responsible for the reality show they were filming, have been fired. This is in the wake, following a national outpouring of anger.

Romania's 18 man zombie hunting squad, , Known simply as 'The 305' were massacred over the weekend of the 5th, along with the 3 man crew of the Romanian reality show. They were on a 'seek and destroy' clean up mission. A simple eradication of all known necrotics in the area.

The '305' were beloved by young and old alike. Their exploits followed closely by a huge fan base. This attention made them a source of national pride. The '305' were filming the opening episode of their seventh season.

There is speculation that the information they were supplied with by the production company was outdated and inaccurate. They were expecting little resistance from the undead. However, according to local witnesses, the un named former quarantine facility had been saturated with zombies ever since hospital administratives abandoned it due to under funding and negative publicity.

Many necro-mortosis sufferers were simply left to roam the grounds. The authorities believing that the high walls of the hospital would prevent escape and the former mortosis patients would simply decay over time.

The location of the mission, although never officially acknowledged, is thought to have taken place at the notorious hospital facility first exposed by ZWN in a series of damaging reports in 2007.

Whereabouts unknown
As for the whereabouts of the '305' and the film crew following them, it remains unknown. An official simply said "the situation is grave, we can only assume at this point that they were all killed."

Many are left wondering why there was no extraction or rescue mission in place. But the same government source added "At this point they are considered irretrievable."

Offers of help pour in
Zombie teams from around the globe have united in their offers to help with any possible extraction. The Romanian government remains firm in it's silence and simply stated " there is a no fly zone imposed. Any transgressions by outside mercenary groups will be considered as hostile."

Silvie Bryce, publicist for the '305' told ZWN "How do we even know they are all dead? They are highly trained and resourceful. They are the best of the best and could be safe in a part of the facility. Under siege. Unable to communicate. They cannot simply abandon them."

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