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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
1 800 155 3219

Italian Airline Fined For Handling Of Mortosis Samples
Bari, Italy
Posted: 25th, July. 2009
Italian cargo firm Niro Air has been fined 5,000,000 Euros ($7,250,000) by the EU for it's mishandling of Mortosis samples last year that lead to a small outbreak of reanimation at Germany's busy Hannover airport

Reanimate attack
Niro Air was the sole private contractor for the shipping of highly regulated Necro-Mortosis samples. Then on May 4th, 2008 Eugene Becker (33) a 'cargo plane payload coordinator and handler.' with Hannover airport was found wandering the nearby service tunnel to the busy airport. He attacked 21 year old Silke Koch, who came to his assistance after he appeared to stumble. Upon realizing Becker was a reanimate, several bystanders attacked and re killed Becker. Helmut Schneider (23), boyfriend to Koch, was arrested by Police for assault and possible manslaughter charges. All charges were eventually dropped against Schneider after it was confirmed that Becker was in an advanced state of necrosis, posed a significant threat and was technically already deceased.

Container breach
The Mortosis outbreak was soon traced to a container leak at a cargo plane belonging to Niro Air. Hannover airport was temporarily quarantined. The container was found to have a corroded underside. Traces of refined Mortosis were also discovered in the immediate area of the cargo hold.

Contract revoked
Niro Air had it's lucrative contract with Hannover airport revoked after Germanys powerful Transnet airport union refused to handle any future Niro Air cargos.

This heavy fine is the latest blow to the private company who has seen its fortunes shrink from being the leading cargo shipper for all Mortosis regulated materials last June to now being a minor player in the international field of medical containment transportation. Last month, Niro Air announced the pending termination of 1500 job.

In a related development, attack victim Silke Koch continues to make a remarkable recovery in an undisclosed location. Due to early administration of the XL-6 Inhibitor and an experimental heating of the core temperature of the Necrosis victim, Koch was saved after the amputation of her arm was necessary to stop the rapid spread of infection.

Koch is only the second known survivor of Necro-Mortosis, an elderly Spanish woman, Neus Vargas survived for an extended time after being bitten, the virus was considered eradicated from her system but sadly she passed away following a series of heart stoppages related to the infection. It was reported that Vargus did not reanimate but was cremated as a precaution.

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