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Manchester Zombie Still At Large: Strikes Again
ZWN (AP) - Manchester, UK
Posted June 14th. 2014

Two Mancheter police officers were attacked late last night. The assailant is thought to be the zombified reanimation of Neville Rigger.

Police audio of the event was released today, along with the above photo.

Officer 1: "Suspect is heading north west across Grovesford car park.
Officer 1: "Victim is down, repeat victim is down"
Dispatch: "Stand by for medical assistance"
Officer 1: " . Suspect has left the scene heading north west"
Office 2: Officer now attending the victim: Victim has no pulse, He's dead at the scene. Repeat - dead at the scene."
Officer 1: "Victim is up on his feet, repeat, up on his feet. Officer down, repeat officer down. Urgent backup needed. Repeat- urgent backup needed".
Officer 2: "Suspect 2 now heading south back towards Bath Road.

Rigger is wanted in connection to the viscious killing of 3 local people over the last few days. Despite a massive police hunt and quarantine of the immediate area, Rigger still remains elusive.

His fourth victim was found in the late evening of the 12th, on a darkened side road of Stretford, Manchester. Police were dispatched after receiving calls from passing motorists of a body lying in the middle of the road. When officers arrived, the first responder was attacked as the victim apparently reanimated at the scene. It bit the officer, who was fortunately wearing a thick jacket. Enough so that it was able to sustain the bite without penetration. The two officers were then able to subdue the reanimate and request armed backup.

The as yet unidentified undead victim/attacker was then re killed at the scene. This is s clear indication that Rigger was in the area. Cadaver dogs were used but could not locate him, his trail ended abruptly less than 500 yards away.

Manchester police warn local residents and conduct door to door searches.

"It's a bit of a mystery to be honest" said officer at the scene Sgt. Strafford. "We're pretty sure it was him. Well lets hope it was, otherwise we have a second undead roaming around the city. But we do think it's Rigger. We just can't locate him yet. He was pursued up to Bath Road, then we lost him" Strafford then added assuringly "But we will find him."

This latest attack was later on the same evening as the previously reported Manchester City center attacks.

Those attacks in turn, follow the multi car pile up on 7th. that was caused by a recent zombie attack.

Several miles of Manchester remain under a temporary quarantine at this point. Police are coming under heavy criticism for having not apprehended Rigger at this point.





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