Probable Necro-Mortosis Incident in City of Hannover
Hannover City, Germany
Posted: 4th, May. 2008
ZWN Field Reporter: Michael Schneider

At 06.30 PM, as early evening was descending over the Germany city of Hannover, a lone figure "dressed in airport worker overalls" was seen near a service tunnel to the nearby Hannover airport, "acting suspiciously" according to Eye-Witness Helmut Schneider (23). " He was wandering around, sort of aimlessly, we thought he was drunk or high".

It was then that Schneider says the figure stumbled and fell. "He saw us, tried to walk in our direction, but just tripped over his own feet and fell over.We heard this horrible crack as when a bone breaks. My girlfriend ran over to help him up. I couldn't stop her… Silke is a nurse, she wanted to help…”

In a police statement released to media today , when she tried to help the man up, 21 year old Silke Koch, was immediately bitten on the hand. Schneider dragged her away from the slowly moving man, who now rose to his feet again.

Several Bystanders came to aid the stricken woman, and certain that the Attacker was a re-animate they in turn attacked the loan assailant.

According to the police report, and substantiated by several witnesses, It was Schneider who prolonged the viscious mob attack, raining several blows upon the lone man. There followed a series of kicks to the head that only ended after the man lay motionless on the ground and Schneider continued with a series of a high jumps onto his head, crushing is skull"

“There was so much horror and blood, I never saw something like that before, and man, I never want to again” told Peter Graber (42) later told the press.

Frantic call to the police
There was a frantic cell phone call to police from a local witness to the event. Pleading with them to arrive soon. The young woman (unidentified) reported the beating of the loan worker and could be heard pleaded for assistance for him.

This call underlines the overall confusion of events surrounding the incident. Some witnesses confirm that the unidentified male was acting and appearing to be in a state of mortification, others, many who arrived after Silke Koch was attacked, only saw Schneider attacking the loan worker. A second fight broke out between several bystanders, many whom were actually coming to the aid of the stricken airport worker.

Silke Koch was taken to hospital. She is under observation for possible mortosis exposure and contamination.

Schneider was taken into police custody following the incident. He has since been released after posting bail. His lawyer released the following statement: "My client, Mr. Schneider has only done what any man would or should do in this city. He came to the aid of and protected someone. Risking his own life, he saved another."

A police spokesperson suggested that if the unidentified worker proves positive for the necro-mortosis virus then no charges will be filed. If however, the tests prove negative then Schneider could face possible murder charges.


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