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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
1 800 155 3219

Bitten Girl to be released from Quarantine.
Hannover City, Germany
Posted: 10th, May. 2008
ZWN Field Reporter: Michael Schneider

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21 year old Silke Koch, the young Woman that was bitten by a re-animate on Monday is to be released from Quarantine shortly. In a statement from Hannover Chief Quarantine Facilitator Adelbert Baum he states that Ms. Koch has "proven resistant" to any signs of advancing mortosis.

"This is an outstanding achievement by our facility and staff. We think it is due partially to the quick thinking and actions of our first responder medical team. In many undead attacks, valuable time is lost in processing and identification of an actual mortosis incident. Recently, our facility underwent a complete overhaul of it's diagnosis and response system."

"When Ms. Koch was first administered, she was immediately isolated from other patients, and taken to our new 'Necrosis ward.' Because she was bitten only on her thumb we were able to stop the advancement of necrosis by immediately amputating her left hand. If this had been a bite on, for instance, her torso, then amputation would not be possible and the outcome would have been very grim."

"We administered a new technique of heating and maintaining a warm temperature of the victim. In most cases of infection a cooling of the bodies core temperature is useful. But with mortosis, the opposite is true. The disease seems to cool the body as the life force is dispelled. We theorized that by maintaining a warm core temperature it would delay the onset and advancement of the disease."

"We decided to use the new test drug XL-6 mortosis inhibitor, although it's past success was limited we really had no recourse,"

Amcalon Corporation - The Southern California based medical manufacturing and research institute recently tested a newer version of the virus inhibitor empolying usage of recent data made possible by ongoing stem cell research.

Further amputation
"Unfortunately for Ms. Koch, on the second day of quarantine, the presence of necrotic cells were detected in a mild form in her lower arm, So this too had to be amputated. Her overall well being became of major concern. She was experiencing hallucinations, delusion and some signs of dementia. We were very worried that we would loose her. But by day five she had regained most of her mental faculties. There are no signs of necrotic intrusion whatsoever. Even though she lost her forearm, she must be one of the luckiest persons on this earth"

Mr. Baum added "We hope that within the next few days Ms. Koch will be released from this facility as the first recorded survivor of this terrible disease. We appeal to the members of the press not to disturb her. It is her and her families wish to let her recover fully at a private undisclosed address."


In related news, Amcalon Corporation saw a sharp rise in it's stocks today.

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