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This site is for entertainment purposes only. All stories and events are fictional. Any similarities with persons either living or deceased in purely coincidental. There is occasional satirizing of prominent public figures. Contents of this site are copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
1 800 155 3219


Attacks on the rise in UK Posted Mar.28th. 2013
'305' rescued: only 3 survivors Posted Feb.19th.
Romanian army launch resue bid Posted Feb.18th.
Distress call received: '305' alive? Posted Feb.15th.  
'305': Questions remain unanswered Posted Feb.12th. 2012
Romanian zombie team massacred - Posted: 5th, Feb, 2012
Europes cold weather freezes the undead Posted: 12th, Dec, 2010
France: 'ZEF' return to work Posted: 17th, Oct, 2010
France: 'Zombie Eradication Force' on strike Posted: 11th, Sept, 2010
UK undead riot: Inquiry begins Posted: 7th, JAug, 2010
Police clash with undead in UK Posted: 25th, July, 2010
Elusive Zombie caught after 3 week search Posted: 11th, July, 2010
Zombies captured at Welsh farm Posted: 24th, April, 2010
Welsh camping trip massacre Posted: 23rd, April, 2010
Swedish man convicted In undead attack Posted: 11th, Oct. 2009
Portugal - 'Liberators' infected?Posted: 8th, Oct. 2009
Portugal - Intruder 'Liberates' undead Posted: 6th, Oct. 2009
Portugal - Riots continue Posted: 5th, Oct. 2009
Portugal outbreak Posted: 4th, Oct. 2009
UK beach closed Posted: 23rd, Sept. 2009
Niro Air fined for Mortosis leak Posted: 25th July, 2009
Aberdeen hoax Posted: 3rd. May
Divers attacked off Cornwall coast Posted: 22nd, July. 2008
Neus Vargas dies
Posted: 7th, July. 2008
Contract revoked for Niro-Air
Posted: 21st, June. 2008
Spanish woman in recovery
Posted: 7th, June. 2008
Hannover outbreak contained
Posted: 2nd, June. 2008
Hannover attack - airport searched Posted: 17th, May. 2008
Victim released from hospital Posted: 10th, May. 2008
'John Doe' identified in Hannover attack
Posted: 8th, May. 2008
Mortosis incident in Hannover?
Posted: 4th, May. 2008
'Sewer Zombie' or paranormal presence?
UK terror strategy revealed.
Italy - Illegal zombie trophy ring busted
UK - Controversial undead research lab closes
Sweden - Archaeologists find remains of undead
London - Violence at anti-immigration demo
UK Cover-up?
Britain's Cover-up exposed
Nightshift - Return to Romania
'Zombie hunter' and team killed in Italy
What went wrong in fatal 'zombie hunter' mission?
Blair steps down - what next for virus?
Final Exit: Part one
Final Exit: Part two
Ambulance Crash in Paris
Spain - Outbreak in Valencia
Chunnel to Remain Open
House of Dead Discovered in UK
UK to deploy 5000 troops to Haiti

Second Irish outbreak
Posted: 11th, Oct. 2009
Irish Situation 'Stabilized' Posted: 27th, Sept. 2009
Situation deteriorates Posted: 20th, Sept. 2009
Irish family massacre Posted: 5th, Sept. 2009
Belfast panic spreads Posted: 3rd, Sept. 2009
Belfast level 'B' confirmed Posted: 31h Aug, 2009
Belfast dead roam streets Posted: 30h Aug, 2009
Belfast source ID'd Posted: 13h Aug, 2009
Belfast quarantine expands further Posted: 13h Aug, 2009
Belfast quarantine widens Posted: 24th July, 2009
Belfast docks quarantined Posted: 18th July, 2009

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5 Hunters Sentenced For Illegal
Zombie Trophy Smuggling

Posted July 3rd, 2013

Marseille, France, — 3 Idaho men, and 2 French women pleaded guilty Wednesday to making a false statement to the French Fish and Wildlife Service in an attempt to illegally import a collection of zombie hides and skulls from a trophy hunt in South Africa, the European Justice Department announced.

Barry Thursdan (38). Dale Griffind (24) and Richard Wincho (54) of Coure D'Alane, Idaho pleaded guilty in Marseille to a violation of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, which is enforceable under the 'Universal code of conduct' Act and the Lacey Act, officials said.

Each were ordered to pay the equivellent of $25,000 fine to the European commission. They will forfeit the 11 hides and skulls discovered and additionally are sentenced to 48 months detention in a prison of their home country.

According to the facts in the plea agreement, all 3 men and two French women, Chentelle Gainiuerre (27) and Yvette Benouche) (32), went to South Africa in August 2012 to hunt zombies while guided by South African Stewart Gracer, the men shot and killed 11 undeads, even though neither the guide nor any member of the party possessed a valid international zombie hunting permit.

Because the undead were killed illegally, the party could not obtain a valid export permit in South Africa. In order to import undead hides and skulls into France, they bought fraudulent permits in Zimbabwe and then provided false information to customs officials.

The 'Universal code of conduct', established by The World Health Authority, in 2007, states that '

  • The use of a re animator for sport, entertainment, sale or financial gain is against the law.
  • The sale of a re animator or 'Trophy' parts thereof is against the law.

According to IFAW, the illegal undead trophy trade is worth around $11 billion a year.

Gariel De Duai, IFAW's Asia Regional Director, said online auctions of reanimates or reanimate products is on the rise. Some online auctioneers like eBay for example have banned the sale of undead trophies on their site, but smugglers are finding more methods to trade all the time.

"The routes are changing. Alternatives to land routes are being used and big international hubs are used less because of increased customs presence," she said.


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