Final Exit: The shocking truth Pt. 1
Bucharest, Romania
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For the first time ever, we go behind closed doors to reveal the shocking truth, and expose what actually happens to those who are 'patients' at a busy quarantine facility in undead ravaged Romania

A ZWN reporter spent six weeks undercover, posing as an orderly. His name has been withheld. This is his story.

I am now beginning the second of my two eight hour shifts of the day. Since Romania became plagued with the Necro-Mortosisvirus, this grim and secluded quarantine facility, attached to a high security prison just outside Bucharest, has been inundated with cases of the undead. But what about those who are brought here? what about those who are not infected? And for those who are... How do they deal with them?

By the end of my shift, whilst the rest of the world is still waking, I will have seen enough to make a sane man weep with despair.

Possible exposure:
The first of the evening's 'patients' arrive in an old, unmarked truck. Two guards lead the willing (and drag those that are not) into a holding area. These people will have been rounded up following any number of scenarios. But they all have the common thread of 'possible exposure.'

Firstly they are split into two separate, but equally spartan rooms according to gender. Then they are told to strip. Once naked, they are further instructed to carefully fold their clothes and submit their belongings. unbeknownst to them, their neatly collected clothes are burned soon after they leave the room.

The naked and shivering are then hosed down with water and a harmless disinfectant, after which they are handed a hospital gown. At this point, they are each separated and put in an individual holding cage. Not having enough hospital beds or even cells at the prison to accommodate them all, many patients are held in cages, similar to those seen in a dog pound. It is of prime importance that they do not have physical contact with each other at this point. Often there is protest, but all succumb to the persuasion of the guards. They are then fed a modest meal.

Many a night, I heard the wailing of their friends and family members outside the gates. Demanding to see their loved ones, but to no avail.

One evening, an alarm pierced the relative quiet of the corridors. A re animator had managed to break free of it's old and inadequate restraints. Emerging from its bonds, it killed the night nurse. And with her blood still freshly trailing down it's sad, soulless body, it roamed the corridors in search of fresh meat.

It must have been a harrowing experience for the night patients; huddled at the backs of their cages, vulnerable, scared out of their wits, but just out of reach of the necrotic escapee. The undead's bid for freedom was short lived. It was cornered, killed, and disposed of. The hospital wing of the prison even used its appearance to their vantage. They now had the perfect justification for such heavy and daunting security.

with her blood still freshly trailing down it's sad, soulless body, it roamed the corridors in search of fresh meat.

Hospital Security Camera

A series of blood tests are undertaken. The patients are usually more than willing to accommodate this request, for it may help ensure an early release.

And so the night shift begins in earnest. Despite the widely known fact that a virus carrier usually shows symptoms within the first few hours of exposure, the patients still have to stay overnight before the results of the test are officially revealed.

Those who test negative are quickly ushered out into a dispatch room. Friends and family are called. Arrangements for collection, along with fresh clothing, are made. Paperwork is completed. They disappear once more into the cold night.

However, those who test positive, are headed for an entirely different fate.

READ: Part two
The second part of this exclusive ZWN report, exposes the horrific treatment of those patients tagged 'Infected.'

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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
1 800 155 3219


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