Final Exit: The Shocking Truth Pt 2
Bucharest, Romania
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11.00 pm.
Those unfortunate enough to have tested positive are instructed to remain. The results of the tests are not revealed to them. Instead, they are informed that the first set of tests were negative, however, as a matter of protocol, a second set is needed to ensure accuracy.

On first reaction, this seems like intolerable cruelty. But I did actually understand the cold rationalization behind the deceit. It keeps the patient manageable. They willingly conform to the now familiar process of having more blood work taken. It seems less daunting somehow, after all, they will soon be released.

This time however, the blood drawn is merely a masquerade. It is not the blood sample they give that matters of course, It is the strong, colorless sedative they unknowingly receive from the needle.

They pass out in moments. Once unconscious, the patient can then be 'rendered secure'. A mouth gag is tied around the face. Rather like a muzzle. Plastic but strong. It will stop them if they become 'biters,' and most do. They are also fitted with a diaper. Then strapped to a gurney, similar to the one pictured right. Once trussed up, they are of course, never allowed to leave the gurney again, ever.

This is part two of the ZWN exclusive report from behind the closed doors of a busy quarantine facility in undead ravaged Romania.

Read: Part one here


The lucky ones remain unconscious. Fed a series of tranquilizers and nutrients. Yes, nutrients. Even though the fate of these people is clearly and clinically sealed, there are laws to follow. No one is allowed the dignity of euthanasia. They have to be treated right up until the very moment they die.

The unlucky ones do wake up. Many doctors and scientists believe that as the Necro-Mortosis virus progresses, it relies less and less on the central nervous system of the host, and so sedatives and anesthetics wear off as the virus takes control. These patients will return to consciousness with a clouded, semi-lucid state. They will be disoriented. But they will be aware. My mind cannot even begin to imagine the fear in their hearts at this point. One minute they think they are going home, and the next...........this. They have no way of communicating with staff. But then again, no staff are present anyway. They simply lay, secured to a gurney, in an bleak overcrowded room with other sufferers. The moaning and crying is too traumatic even for many of the hardened staff to bare

The 'Collar':
They will of course, die during the next 24 -48 hours. That is the point when the staff mortician arrives with 'The collar.' Even after seeing this contraption used, I still had difficulty believing what I had actually witnessed.

'The Collar' - Fig. A
The head of the undead protrudes through the hole in the contraption. It is in essence a guillotine for the 21st. century.

'The Collar' - Fig. B

When a sufferer expires, they always rise (in a state of mortification) within minutes. A red light flashes by the side of the gurney. Life support signs indicate death has occurred. The mortician will be summoned. Depending on his workload that evening he may arrive within 10 minutes or in this evenings instance, an hour. During this time, the reanimated corpse is left to moan, flail and try to free itself from it's bonds. This is how the other sufferers have to spend their last remaining moments. Listening to the unearthly, soulless cry of a reanimate. It is enough to make many go insane.

The mortician arrives with two assistants, a cart and a large container. The assistants raise the gurney to a 30 degree angle, feet in the air. One, with the aid of a pair of large metal forceps, clamps the undead's head and lifts it away from the pillow beneath. Assistant number two quickly slides a collar (see fig. A above) around the reanimates neck. It is awkward but they manage it. The collar is then snapped closed. (See fig. B.) The head of the undead protrudes through the hole in the contraption. It is in essence a guillotine for the 21st. century. The three staff don protective eye goggles. The mortician exerts a nominal amount of pressure on the handle of the collar. A sickening snap is emitted from the cold, hard device. The head rolls into a collection container below. Due to the raised angle of the gurney, most of the blood drains into the container too. The remaining fluids flow down to one of the many open drains in the floor.

The mortician calls the time of termination. It is recorded.
On occasion, a hospital Chaplin will be present to administer last rights. This will be in accordance with the wishes of the undead's immediate family. But no family member is ever allowed within the walls of the hospital ward.

Boxes containing body parts, frozen for exporting throughout the world.

The final phase is the disposal of the corpse. Most bodies are simply incinerated. But some are frozen and shipped throughout the world for study and analysis to various countries. Generally, rules are rigid regarding the disposal and usage of human body parts. Unless a sufferer has willingly signed their body to science, then it must be destroyed. Romania has no such law. After a person mortifies, their body is deemed government property.

I asked one doctor why they use such a barbaric method of termination. His answer was simple enough. What else would you suggest? Drugs? lethal injection? They would have no effect. A gun shot to the head? The noise alone would create panic throughout the wards. The spray of blood and cranial matter would also be a dangerous hazard. This is after all, a virus transmittable through the blood.

Having spoken to many doctors, nurses and orderlies during my time undercover, I did get a sense of compassion and respect for the infected. The inevitable genocidal and holocaust comparisons are to be expected, but I never felt that they did any of this with pleasure, pride or even a misguided sense of some noble cause. No. They did it with a sad resignation. It was a duty. Harsh times dictate harsh treatments, and these were the harshest of times indeed.

I respect the staff who so diligently work at this remote facility near Bucharest. Those six weeks I was there will change my life forever. And when I began this undercover assignment for ZWN, it was intended to be a three month commitment. but I could not take even one single day further. I could not detach myself from the work. It seems that many others felt the same way. Their turnover of staff is huge. But those who do stay, ironically seem to go through each day with the same forlorn and soulless expression as those they just may have to terminate that very same day


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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
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