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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
1 800 155 3219


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Riot Situation "Now Under Control"

- Cleanup Begins
Posted Nov. 20th. 2011, Gellerup, Aarhus, Denmark

“How can you tell an reanimate from a looter, in the dark and wearing a hoodie at 50 meters?

This was the response Denmark's Police Commissioner Mikkel Christian Højbjerg used, when he deflected criticism of the heavy handed approach of the police during it's recent operation: to rid Gellerup of it's growing undead population.

The secretion of the infected and zombified, has become an increasing concern to the government. The heavily immigrant population, often chooses to hide their infected loved ones instead of informing authorities. Fear of being deported has lead many family members to simply board up those who fall to mortosis and zombification. Hiding them from discovery in abandoned houses and locked up buildings.

Curfew was effective
Taking the recent UK riots and the infamous Rodney King riots of Los Angeles as a lesson. Denmark's police quickly imposed an evening curfew on the area. And consequently, whereas the UK and USA situation was made worse by the lack of a police presence, any signs of trouble in Gellerup were dealt with in their early stages. There is already Danish law forbidding the wearing of a mask or any other facial covering in a riot situation. This too helped to quickly arrest offenders, many in their early teens. Potential flair ups were dealt with swiftly through extensive CCTV cameras, and containment teams were dispatched at the first signs of possible trouble.

But what started as a coordinated protest against police intervention, soon devolved into arbitrary chaos. Protests were replaced with opportunist looting's. Releasing and herding of the undead directly towards police lines was a callous and shocking tactic, not seen before in zombie ghetto cleansing.

Many rioters were advised via social media outlets to dispose of and burn their clothing to hinder identification from CCTV cameras.

New police methods:
Thermal imaging

The police also employed new methods of crowd control previously unseen in Denmark. Including heat sensors. This enabled them to accurately distinguish the thermally warm and living from the cooling or stone cold dead. Helmet mounted thermal images helped police identify potential reanimates at a safe distance. Helicopters also used them to spot large gatherings of undead. This would typically lead to discovery of an undead hiding place.

Cadaver dogs
The addition of specially trained cadaver dogs was also hailed as a new and innovative means of undead identification. Whereas traditionally trained cadaver dogs would search for and identify human remains, these canines are specifically trained to hunt for, identify and upon command - attack reanimated flesh. Their worth was particularly proven during house to house searches.

USV (Undead Suppression Vehicle. These formidable armored trucks can effectively withstand a sustained attack by an angry mob or ravenous horde of the undead. A high pressure water cannon, typically used for crowd control, has been customized to unleash a jet stream of water so powerful it can sever the limb off a reanimate (with degenerated muscle tissue).

Operation 'clean sweep' becomes 'clean up.'
Police have now ended th
eir house to house search for the undead. It is hoped that all have been safely removed.Several streets and buildings are in a quarantine state. Hazmat teams are assessing the potential for contamination at each location.

At this point of reporting, the main trouble spots seem to have been effectively shut down. Dozens of hazmat vehicles were seen arriving and leaving the area. Court sessions will be held around the clock to punish those who broke the law.

Police Commissioner Højbjerg has said that “We will be reviewing countless hours of CCTV footage and will not rest until all perpetrators have been arrested and charged through our court system. This sort of anti social behavior will not be tolerated and most of Denmark's citizens look at it with disgust and a blight on our society that must be removed.

1033 people have been arrested. 636 for social disturbances, 337 for looting, 33 for harboring the undead from authorities, 27 for violent acts towards police officers,

Denmark's new Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, who approved the controversial action, said in a prepared statement released today that “This was a difficult but necessary action. It will also prove to show that we will not tolerate the illegal housing of the undead. These poor victims need to be handed over to authorities, where they can be better looked after. They need constant medical supervision and containment for the safety of others. We applaud the work of the police and emergency crews. And I vow that appropriate action will be taken against all those who took advantage of the last few days to riot and loot. This shall not be tolerated.”

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