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Controversial Undead Research Lab Closes
Dunston Heath, Staffordshire, UK
Posted: 22nd, Feb. 2008

The last restrictions imposed on undead research and disposal in the UK following the necro-mortosis disease outbreak have now been implemented. This includes the closing of the controversial Dunston Heath UD processing facility in Stafforsdshire.

It comes a day after an official report found that a leaking drain on the lab site was the likely source of contamination for a nearby mortosis outbreak last month.

Local residents have been picketing the lab site since early 2007 following its brief tenure as a leading research laboratory and quarantine facility. Local government Labour backbencher Stephen Grey refered to it as a " catalog of errors of management which allowed for incidents likely to endanger the general public and proliferate the very disease of which they were charged with containing."

These incidents included the misplacement of a data file containing the test results for several hundred quarantine patients in March, 2007. Also, a widely reported incident involving a recently deceased and risen man who was able to wander outside the grounds un monitored, due to a security door being left unlocked. This particular reanimate was later apprehended in a nearby village after being discovered on CCTV monitors. But perhaps the heaviest criticism of Dunston Heath came following the revelation by an undercover reporter of video footage secretly filming the mistreatment of the undead last November. This resulted in the firing and later charging of three employees there. The video footage shows the workers beating and abusing the mussled and secured necro-mortosis sufferers whilst laughing and joking amongst themselves. Observing the recently imposed UN guidelines of conduct, all three face up to 10 years prison time charged under the UN clause "The use of a reanimator for sport, entertainment, sale or financial gain is against the law."

The facility is expected to remain open during a transitional period throughout March. The government's Chief Undead Environmental Secretary Joanne Hartley has said she was satisfied the country was free from necro-mortosis at this time. However, vigilance and prudence are always our best defense" .

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