As Blair steps down, how will party fight virus in future?
London, UK
Posted: May 12th. 2007

Following a third term in power, Britian's Tony Blair is finally stepping down, after becoming the ruling Labor party's longest- serving prime minister.

His was a rollercoaster tenure through the tumultuous events of the past decade. He had the nation mourning with him when he led the tributes to Princess Diana.

He stood shoulder to shoulder with America after 9/11, and millions felt he'd spoken not just for Britain but for the whole world.

He embraced Geldof's enthusiasm and commitment to once again rock for Africa.

In July 2006, mere days after celebrating the Olympics coming to London, he stood defiant in the face of terrorism.

He led the nation into the disastrous Iraqi campaign to topple Hussein's government and establish stability in the middle east.

And perhaps most of all, he stood firm in his commitment to keep Britain from becoming an isolationist country in the wake of the world-wide necro-mortsis plague.

Three term leader Tony Blair

Possible successor, Gordon Brown
European Commission
emergency meeting - Brussels

Regardless of how history will judge Blair, his likely successor, chancellor Gordon Brown seems to have his eyes focused on education and improving the nations failing health system. He has rarely appeared on record addressing the global issue of the undead plague, and his last public appearance related to the virus was back in january at the European Commission emergency meeting in Brussels.

Many people are concerned with the Labor governments commitment to have the channel tunnel remain open. Frances new President Nicolas Sarkozy has already stated his commitment to keep the 'chunnel' open. But many of Britain's vocal back benchers are putting ever increasing pressure on the government to close it, thereby securing one of the most vulnerable points of entry into the country.

One change Brown will most likely consider proposing is the unpopular ID card system. It is viewed as draconian to some but a necessary means of controlling the illegal immigration influx. Britain has had relatively few cases of the mortosis virus, but the most recent outbreak did involve a family of illegal Romanian immigrants, and support for the card system is rising among the British people.

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