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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
1 800 155 3219

Student Hoax Sparks Panic in City Centre
Aberdeen, Scotland
Posted: 3rd, May. 2009

ZWN correspondent - Tom Richardson

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There were scenes of chaos in Aberdeen, Scotland last night, as an ill-advised student prank lead to mass rioting and hysteria, leaving four police officers and twelve members of the public, including six of the hoaxers themselves, requiring hospital treatment.

Thirteen students from the local Robert Gordon University donned ragged

outfits and facial make-up, whilst hiding in the Kirk of St Nicolas graveyard on Union St before spilling out onto the city centre streets at approximately 10 P.M, intending to spook revellers and passersby.

“Unfortunately, with tensions already running high within the city, many people presumed this to be a bona fide breakout, and reacted accordingly” reports Grampian Police Spokesperson Anji Jayaraman. A mass stampede occurred along the entire length of Union Street, resulting in people and cars being trampled, and thousands of pounds worth of damage being caused”

Several Police cars and Armed Response Units were called out over the course of the night, as most of the City Centre was shut off to traffic as Police tried to contain the panic.

“It was pure chaos” says local nightclub doorman Donald McKinnoch. “We’re right beside the church, so when they all came spilling out, it was just madness. A group of girls at the smoking section started screaming and running away, and before you knew it all the punters were flying about, trying to get away. A few of our lads went after the stupid boys who’d started it, and the ones they caught got a fair kicking”

Serious condition
Grampian Police confirmed they have detained four suspects for further questioning, and confirmed that they were awaiting to question a further six suspects receiving treatment in a local hospital, adding that their condition was “serious”. One student, unidentified, reportedly has severe trauma to the brain. They are appealing for information on the two who remain at large.

Aberdeen has been a media flashpoint in recent weeks. With the Aberdeen North by-election taking place recently, many commentators are suggesting this with be a real test of PM Gordon Brown’s leadership, following very few confirmed undead attacks within UK boundaries, most recentlythe death of a diver off the coast of Cornwall some months ago. Support has surged behind charismatic local businessman John Dolan, who is standing for the newly formed British Border Security Party (BBSP), which is calling for a clamp down on immigration to the UK in order to combat the threat of outbreak.

“The people need someone who says what they’re thinking” he said in a response to this newest development. “The Labour Government has shown time and time again that it is unable to deal with this worldwide crisis, in a way that protects the British people”

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