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I Don’t Like Spiders,
but I Like This Book

ZWN's own media expert and all round celebrazon Kitty Pandemic shares her thoughts on her latest read

Every now and then, you read a book that makes you feel like you just survived a massive explosion that just so happened to take place with in your cranium. This brain-bursting book changes your life. Nothing will ever be the same and now you need more. Gotta… get… more sauce…

John Dies at the End was that book for me. I believe author David Wong cooked up something in his basement, shot it in his veins and then wrote until the effects wore off or the monkey painting skittles told him to stop. I also believe he managed to develop a way to transmit his new fangled drug through the pages of his story. It really is the only logical explanation.

I’ve never been fully able to explain John Dies at the End but I know I love it. There are abandoned malls with dark, mysterious portals to alternate universes, jelly fish, meat sacks and wig monsters. People always walk away from me when I mention the baby handed, spideresque monsters that wear wigs. I don’t understand why... Oh and don’t forget that Soy Sauce drug that all the kids are into and lets you see the future and IT”S ALIVE and has itty bitty furry legs!

Naturally, once I completed this book I was feigning for my next fix. Thank you This Book is Full of Spiders: Seriously, Dude, Don’t Touch It! You provided the bit of crazy storytelling I was yearning for! This book picks up right where the other left off with John, David and that chick who is now his girlfriend, Amy. Now, if you did not read John Dies, I believe you will still be able to read and enjoy This Book is Full of Spiders. Wong appropriately includes character back-story whenever needed and all the insight into a situation that you would get from your best friend recounting a brawl at the pub.

When spiders that no one else can see are climbing into people and converting their insides into mind-controlling parasite breeding grounds, only two people can stop them. John and David. And even they believe themselves to be incompetent. Thanks to the Soy Sauce, they gain a number of special abilities to help them attempt to save the world.

What I liked: I loved how this story flowed together! It picked up where the other left off BUT can easily be read alone. As amazing as John Dies was, it was a bit hectic to read since it was originally a blog. This story was a very smooth read in comparison and still managed to maintain the bizarre plot twists. So many surprises! I was never able to guess what was next.

What made me say “meh”: David is a bit sappier in this book and I don’t care for feelings but that is really a personal problem. Otherwise… no “meh.”

Who should read this book: Anyone interested in a unique story with supernatural monsters, creepy crawlies and a bit of humor.

Who should wait this one out: Anyone who prefers traditional thrillers and doesn’t care for things that happen to be “weird and bizarre.” This IS weird and VERY BIZARRE. If you can’t handle that, it’s not for you.

Recommended: Heck yea, it is! This was a very fun read and change from traditional horror stories. It’s a nice change of pace.

Overall: The story has unlikely, bumbling heroes who do stupid things to save the world. Soy Sauce is one hell of a drug but you just need to read it to get it. I give This Book Is Full Of Spiders: Seriously Dude, Don’t Touch It five succulent grey brains!

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