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A Halloween Thank you Video For Our Readers,
From ZWN:
Posted Oct 6th. 2014, ZWN (AP

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5 Questions: for author Nathan Barnes

Nathan Barnes is the author of 'The Reaper Viru's and it’s sequel 'What Remains', as well as the humorous and dark novella, 'My Friend Asmodeus'.  You can also find his short stories in a number of different anthologies.

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George Romero's 'Empire of the Dead'

Godfather of zombie gore, George Romero has penned a zombie epic in graphic novel form for Marvel Comics.

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'Zombie Safari'

Want a movie about an undead theme park? Seems like there's one in development.

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Real Life Urban
Zombie Game

Some guys in the Uk offer a real life scenario role playing game on a grand scale

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Book Review: 'Survivors' by Z.A Recht

Reviewed by ZWN regular columnist: Kitty Pandemic

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Book Review:
'This Book Is Full Of Spiders'
by David Wong

From the author who penned 'John dies at the end.'

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5 Questions for Author David Moody

ZWN asked British horror novelist David Moody, author of 'Hater', 'Dog Blood' and the 'Autumn' series of books, 5 questions. This exclusive interview is the first of an ongoing series spotlighting some of the most exciting, rising stars of zombie fiction

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