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5 Questions for Author David Moody
ZWN's own media expert and all round celebrazon Kitty Pandemic shares her thoughts on her latest read

ZWN asked British horror novelist David Moody, author of 'Hater', 'Dog Blood' and the 'Autumn' series of books, 5 questions. This exclusive interview is the first of an ongoing series spotlighting some of the most exciting, rising stars of zombie fiction.

In 2009 Moody's 5 novel series 'Autumn' was made into a movie by Renegade Motion Pictures. Amongst the cast are Dexter Fletcher (Lock stock and two smoking barrels, Band of brothers) and David Carradine in what came to be his last film role.

A movie version of 'Hater' has attracted the attention of Guillermo Del Toro (Pans Labyrinth) and been optioned by Universal Pictures,

You were the sole writer of the 'Autumn' series of books. For the motion picture you shared screenplay credit with Steven Rumbelow who was also the director. It must be hard segueing from sole decision maker to part of a larger collective. How did this transition feel?

DM: Selling the film rights to Autumn was a big deal for me - it was the first time I'd had anyone else getting involved with any of my books. Prior to that I'd been solely responsible for every aspect of writing, design, marketing etc. It was something of a wrench, but it was unavoidable. The hardest part was stepping back and keeping my mouth shut! When I write I visualize every aspect of my books so it was hard letting go and letting someone else put their mark on the story.

Often, your approach seems to focus on the effects of alienation and grief. Our fragile, human emotions trying to cope under extreme stress. Exploring the reaction we would all have if confronted with a plague of this nature and scope. Do you feel this is an area often overlooked in zombie lore, or hurried through to get to the gratuitous flesh eating action?

DM: I think there's a place for both blood-and-guts and psychological,character-focused horror. I think zombie movies on the whole tend to lean towards the grotesque, but there are a lot of aspects of the zombie apocalypse which would really screw with your mind... imagine having to kill what's left of you closest family, or the mental strain of being isolated, surrounded by thousands of relentless, unstoppable zombies. I also think people assume they'd get a gun, get supplies and hole-up somewhere and fight their way through the end of the world. The reality is that lots of us would just crumble and implode.

As the tragedy of the New Orleans levee break unfolded on national TV, we saw how long established systems broke down, and people forgot to love their neighbor. Police left their posts, people looted, others were forced to defend their property with guns. In a zombie outbreak situation who would you fear more, the undead or the survivors that were left?

DM: That's a really good question. My honest answer - I'd fear the living more than the dead. You can work out the rules for dealing with the dead, but the living are far less predictable. They could crack at any moment...

Your web site has offered free PDF downloads of the first of the five novel series,  'Autumn'. Half a million downloads later, was their a point where you thought perhaps this was a missed opportunity to rake in some well deserved cash?

DM: I don't regret the free downloads for a second, in fact it's something I'm planning to do more of in the future. The reality is I wouldn't have got my book to half a million people if I'd charged for it, the numbers would have been far fewer. Giving away the book resulted in a major book and film deal, so I have no regrets at all!

So, what can we expect in the future? Do you feel you have a lot more to say in the genre, and if so, what areas are you interested in exploring?  Or are you now looking towards other areas of literature to explore?

DM: I'm currently working on the re-issues of the Autumn books (which are being published over the next 18 months), so there are plenty of zombies in the immediate future. I'm also working on the last book in my Hater trilogy (book 2 - Dog Blood - just came out). It's not a zombie book, but there are definite similarities. 

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Also by David Moody:
, the chilling sequel picks up where Hater left off. Humanity has been ripped in half, and everyone is now either human or Hater, victim or killer. Governments have collapsed and human survivors cower together in former cities turned refugee camps. Danny McCoyne is on a mission to find his daughter, Ellis-and finds much, much more.

Set against a back-drop of ultimate apocalyptic destruction, DOG BLOOD takes us deep inside our world as it might be, if ravaged to the core by Hate

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5 Questions for Author David Moody

ZWN asked British horror novelist David Moody, author of 'Hater', 'Dog Blood' and the 'Autumn' series of books, 5 questions. This exclusive interview is the first of an ongoing series spotlighting some of the most exciting, rising stars of zombie fiction

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