Arthur Helms is a syndicated columnist who has dealt with a host of social and political issues. His previous syndicated column, “Logic, Please?” offered commentary on a host of world-view issues as seen through the cold yet bright light of plain logic, demonstrated fact and simple common sense.

While the academic and political elite often dismissed his commentary as “too simplistic” for our complicated times, his books of collected columns and hundreds of national speaking engagements each year attest to his connection to a readership yearning for simple answers to complex issues. Helms recently ended his syndicated column to sign on exclusively with Zombie World News, providing a fresh, logical, plain-English view of the plague and to bring some common sense to what many perceive to be a senseless situation.

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Has the U.N. found its purpose?

By Arthur Helms
The ideal that nations could somehow come together to solve the world’s problems was a noble one, the giddy feeling of the NATO nations following World War II, gave high hopes for a new era of cooperation across the global ponds and fields. However, thousands of years of cultural history have proven that it’s hard enough to get a hundred million border sharing people in accord to run a government, much less several billion to do so without common heritage, roots or goals. Member nations have kept that hope alive in the form of the United Nations, which much like the figurehead royalty still carried by some countries, is more pomp and circumstance than actual deeds. Member nations pass resolution after pointless resolution with little result. The fact that many of these nations in turn refuse to back up their own resolutions gives little reason for the average rational person to retain much faith to this globe-spanning feel-good conglomeration.

For the record, I have never been counted as a supporter of the United Nations, especially when they become involved in military and so-called peace keeping operations. It takes more than a simple “because I said so” to bring the power of a multi-national coalition force in line to accomplish a specific objective. I still feel that way, except when it comes to the dead rising.

Historically, the typical U.N. armed response action more closely resembles an American DUI checkpoint than a true military operation, with global politics, shady money and the rules of engagement turning them into nothing more than glorified roadblock guards. But as we all know, the fight against Necro-Mortosis and the undead is anything but a typical fight. Faced with an enemy devoid of politics, money, religious zealotry or even a heartbeat, the U.N. has been able to come into its own as a military and search-and-rescue force. U.N. troops have been deployed in countries you’ve likely never even heard of, let alone could find on a map, as well as well-known hotspots like Haiti. Why has the U.N. taken up the mantle and the responsibility of the world’s largest and arguably most organized undead eradication force? Simply put; they get it. The U.N. recognized the true global nature of the threat early in the plague, and its leadership threw everything they had against it from the first confirmed outbreak. And even with the best and brightest of the Coalition nations’ militaries made unavailable to the United Nations efforts due to the conflict in the Middle East or redeployment of these combat-seasoned troops back within the borders of the individual coalition nations, the U.N. has been able to produce successful, sustained operations in plague zones around the world.

U.N. leadership, not to be outdone by their ground forces, has been busy as well. Since no other nation seemed interested in starting the ball rolling, the U.N. did what it does best; it drafted and passed what they have dubbed the “Universal Code of Conduct”, a set of laws dealing with legal, commercial and ethical issues that have come to the fore surrounding the infected and the risen. To say that many nations, most notably the U.S., have had mixed emotions regarding the code’s tenets would be the same as saying the Boston Tea Party was a minor discussion concerning taxation rates. This in no way means that I feel the Code is perfect (quite the contrary, as I will detail in next week’s installment), but at least the U.N. tried to do something positive and proactive. For this alone they should be applauded, since it is more than many other nations have done so far.

The plague is global in scope and threat. With high speed travel across continents available to many, as well as thousands of profiteers and black market runners plying their smuggling schemes to the desperate, there is little real deterrent to prevent infected individuals from gaining access to currently uninfected countries and continuing to spread the plague. A global response is needed the likes of which dwarf even the Herculean efforts of the darkest days of World War II. And as unlikely as history and politics would make it, the United Nations may be the only entity possessing the framework and world recognition necessary to spearhead such a task.

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