Necro-Political Maneuvers

Posted 12/09/07

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It’s Bush’s fault. The Cuban outbreak, the floaters and boaters that brought the plague to our shores and finally the Miami outbreak are all squarely on his doorstep. He should have done more. He should have sent in regular military. He should have taken control of the situation, commanded the troops from the ground and served coffee from the Red Cross vans to emergency services workers.

The preceding statement is easy to make. As Americans, we tend to look for fault along party lines as much as possible. Bush makes a better target than most, of course, since at this point in history a properly executed and emotional outburst can place blame for any number of issues squarely upon his shoulders. However, there are a few places in the reactionary and completely politically-motivated finger pointing that really should be looked at through a lens of logic and fact tinged only slightly by law. I also feel it necessary to note that the President and I have no relationship. I have never been to the White House under any president’s invitation, I am a registered Independent and in my previous commentary careers I have been a rather vocal opponent of many of Mr. Bush’s policies, most notably in the fields of illegal immigration and NAFTA.

First and foremost the Miami outbreak is just that; the Miami outbreak, not a condition that extends past the boundaries of the state of Florida or even that of Dade County. In a situation like this, there are only two methods where a smart president could or would send U.S. military forces into an active military deployment on our own soil. In the first example, the president can deploy the United States military within our borders. However, he would have to declare a state of marshal law and the total suspension of civil liberties in the area to give military commanders the authority to issue orders and edicts to state and municipal organizations and citizens that would carry the force of law. In the second example, the governor of Florida would have to make a direct request to the president or Congress for military aid, again giving up control to marshal law.

In both these examples, and even with Mayor Schlader’s ill-advised dealings with Scot Chierbeck’s program, Governor Crist has been able to contain the outbreak to a relatively small area with his own state forces. And if you ask any honest governor, they will tell you the last thing they want is to turn over control of their state to the federal government. Although little-reported, both FEMA and the CDC, the Center for Disease Control, have been involved with the Miami outbreak before it was even known by that term, and the Florida National Guard units and other such military and paramilitary units have been receiving equipment, supplies and technical and medical assistance from the federal government since the first floaters appeared off the coast. In short, Bush knew full well he was damned whether he sent federal troops into Miami or he didn’t. By not sending them, he gets the same blame that he received for Hurricane Katrina (another situation where it is generally put upon the state to request federal assistance). Had he sent them in, the hew and cry would have been centered on Cowboy George, wagging the phallus of the U.S. military to contain a city-level outbreak that was already contained by the resources available within the state.

Think about it in these terms. Anyone remember a little town called Waco and a sect known as the Branch Davidians? Anybody remember what the big rub was about? You can say then-Attorney General Janet Reno used federal forces for the welfare of the children in that horrid cult environment. You could even say she was acting through the ATF to remove dangerous weapons from even more dangerous hands. However, when it comes right down to it, the ATF should have been involved but the operation should have been carried out by the state of Texas. Even though then-President Clinton was well-aware of Reno’s intent and approved such action even if tacitly, Attorney General Reno still took the brunt of the blame for the utter disaster that was that operation.
Bush doesn’t have such a ready fall guy, and in politics it’s always better to be chastised for inaction than blasted for action. To illustrate my point with a more current example, I need only point you to the mortosis checkpoint incident several weeks ago wherein a group of heavily-armed gang members attempted to break through a cordon of Florida National Guardsmen. Almost immediately, the cry rose that the guards acted with too great a response level and should have made more and better attempts to stop the arsenal-caravan without deadly force. The story was in the news for perhaps a week or so before being relegated to the back pages. Do you think the reaction of these so-called “human rights” groups would have been brushed aside so easily had those troops been regular U.S. military sent there by President Bush? Liberal or Conservative, Republican or Democrat, regular or menthol, you know deep down that every talking head and bleeding heart would have kept the story afloat for weeks on end by laying the blame at the White House’s door.

As I have said in previous columns, I feel the city and state government have done an admirable job in the Miami outbreak. No leader wants to deal with a mortosis outbreak on their watch, and even though there have been some hiccups and missteps I think they have done most everything possible to contain and defeat the current outbreak.
There’s really only one more thing I could think of that may be accomplished more thoroughly and in a shorter time frame with the help of the regular U.S. military than could be accomplished by the current level of resources and manpower, though it has its own set of perils. I will go on record now as saying it would be a prudent, nay wise, course of action; with the city practically deserted and the claims that the outbreak is on the down-hill slide, now would be the time to send several thousand troops, properly briefed and equipped, into Miami. While the current state forces keep the cordons and blockades, the federal troops would engage in a complete house-to-house sweep, starting at one end of the city and moving in a wave until they reached the other with no residence, business, park or shore untouched. It’s the only way to be sure that all traces of reanimates are removed, not just those that may be mobile but re-killed bodies as well. We don’t know enough about necro-mortosis yet, and the last thing we need is to have infected tissue and even whole bodies hidden away in basements by ill-informed though well-intentioned families of the departed. This isn’t politics but rather simple, common sense. And though this action too would require a declaration of marshal law until such a sweep would be complete, in the arenas of both logic and politics it is a far less evil to declare such a state of emergency over ground alone than over a citizenry.

Arthur Helms is a syndicated columnist who has dealt with a host of social and political issues. His previous syndicated column, “Logic, Please?” offered commentary on a host of world-view issues as seen through the cold yet bright light of plain logic, demonstrated fact and simple common sense.

While the academic and political elite often dismissed his commentary as “too simplistic” for our complicated times, his books of collected columns and hundreds of national speaking engagements each year attest to his connection to a readership yearning for simple answers to complex issues. Helms recently ended his syndicated column to sign on exclusively with Zombie World News, providing a fresh, logical,
plain-English view of the plague and to bring some common sense to what many perceive to be a senseless situation.

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