Read a ZWN embedded reporters own account of being lost and having to survive the undead hordes and roaming bandits in Haiti.

Part one
Part two
Part three

ZWN Reporter tells of escape from the undead, and near death at the hands of bandits

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
A ZWN exclusive interview with Zandra Corbes by Kim Harwell
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Part two
Part three

Part one:
This interview was conducted at the bedside of Zandra Corbes, at the converted military hospital aboard the QE2 docked in Port-Au-Prince today.

ZWN: Zandra, it's so good to see you again. You had us all worried for a while.
ZC: I had myself worried too. (laughs)

ZWN: So you feel up to telling us what actually happened last weekend?
ZC: Yes. It was probably the scariest few days I have ever spent. I mean, I see a lot of things as a ZWN reporter, we all do. But this was on a different level. As you know, we were just meant to distribute a few flyers to some peripheral villages. I was looking for a story to wire to ZWN headquarters and heard the chopper was leaving that afternoon. I got clearance to join them. That's when I met flight crew Lt. Mavern (Pilot) and Pt. Goodson (Co-Pilot). They were glad of the company, well, at least That's what they told me. (laughs).

We were flying over a mid size town, about 70 miles north/east of Port-Au-Prince. That's when we spotted a small convoy of vehicles on a main street. There was a jeep, two pick up trucks and an old sedan car. We couldn't believe it. There was not supposed to be anyone out in this sector. At least not just driving around. So we flew in closer to try and see who they were. They obviously were not undead. Zombies have basic motor skills, but driving isn't one of them. Or if it is, then we are all in serious trouble.

So we swooped down to take a recon. That's when we heard a series of cracks. Like gunfire. I guess they got a lucky shot. They hit our tail rotor. It instantly sent us in a tail spin. We drifted everywhere. Finally resting( and when I say 'resting' I mean crashing) on a two story roof top. The copter finally stopped spinning and came to a halt. But a small fire broke out instantly. I was hurt, in shock but still awake. So was Pt. Goodson. Our pilot was unconscious. We had to unstrap him and drag him out of the downed chopper.

We all crawled to safety on the far side of the roof top. The chopper continued to burn. We lost everything. Radio, medical supplies, you name it. The flames billowed into the sky. This attracted necro's from all over the small town. They surrounded the roof. Milling around. Bumping into each other and the walls of the building. I estimate about 100 of them. But this proved a good thing. A lucky break. It kept the guys who shot at us away from the chopper.

ZWN: But who were they? why did they shoot you down?
ZC: We figure they were bandits. Looters. It happens in every disaster and survival situation doesn't it? I guess its just a sad part of human nature. We must have gotten too close to them. They thought we were after them.

So, there we were. Stuck on a rooftop. Our copter in ashes. Zombies all round our building, and bandits after us. Well, I wanted a story didn't I? (laughs)

ZWN: You mentioned the pilot was injured?
ZC: Yes, Lt. Mavern had regained consciousness at this point. But he was in constant pain from a broken wrist and a bad shrapnel wound to the shoulder. We stayed on that roof all night. We figured a rescue crew would find us. But we were not sure. We hadn't called in our last location so it was a pretty broad area they would be searching.

ZWN: Didn't the fire from the chopper help signal your position?
ZC: Not really. There were fires everywhere. People lit them to keep the dead away. It does the opposite though. Fire holds a mild curiosity to necros. They tend to be attracted to the movement and light.

ZWN: Was there a way down into the building?
ZC: What, like a fire escape? (laughs) no. This was an old building. I think it was a shop or something. We stayed there all saturday and into sunday. By this time we figured we had to make a break and get Lt. Mavern to hospital. The zombies had started to loose interest at that point. There were only about five or six of them still there. So we lowered ourselves over the side. Me first. Then Pt. Goodson lowered Lt. Mavern. He was in great pain and he had to stifle any noise. That must have been so difficult. Finally, Pt. Goodson dropped over the side. But he landed on a small rock he didn't see. It twisted his ankle pretty bad.

We new we had to find a vehicle. But here's the thing. How many times have you seen someone in a movie hot wire a car? well, out of the three of us, none of us knew how to do this. I was ribbing Pt. Goodson "You guys fly million dollar choppers, and can't hot wire a car". But there we were.

ZWN: Were you armed?
ZC: Yes. Well, sort of. We had small army issue side arms. Even me. No reporter is allowed outside the military perimeter without one. I had to go through small arms basic training before being assigned.

ZWN: Yes. So did I. I'm glad we did. So, just when the situation couldn't seem to get worse. Pt. Goodson twists his ankle.

ZC: Oh, it gets worse. We are all leaning against the wall, recovering, when we see the bandit convoy cruise past the alley we were in. So the looters were also still in town.

Part two of this exclusive interview with ZWN embedded reporter Zandra Corbes

Part three of this exclusive interview with ZWN embedded reporter Zandra Corbes

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