Multi Million Dollar 'Zombie Proof' Home, Built in Negril, Jamaica

Negril, Jamaica. Sept. 18th, 2011 ZWN - (AP)
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Oil tycoon and billionaire Husan Azir
althar, has a fear of an impending undead attack. So much so, that when he commissioned Japanese architect, Toshi Sam, to design a state of the art zombie safe house, he gave him a blank check to build the ultimate defensible home.

Negril is the home of Jamaica's wealthiest citizens. A harsh contrast to the impoverished shanty towns and temporary dwellings of the majority of the islands population.

Although there have been many undead flair ups on Jamaica's main land, attacks on the coast are few and far between. In an effort to conserve local tourism, the hotel owners in the area formed a coalition in 2008 to fund a private security agency to ensure safety for the area.

It is here that billionaire Balthar chose to build his fortress. Locals simply dub it 'The bunker.' It is easy to see why.

In the event of an impending outbreak, the draw bridge raises. Leaving no entry point between the house and a 10 foot concrete perimeter wall. If somehow that level was breached, the house itself closes at all other entry points with an elaborate and impressive system of concrete 'hatches', and doors. This leaves an impenetrable fortress, where the homeowner can survive indefinitely without the need for military assistance. As long as there is ample food and water stored, Balthar and his family can live long after any wandering horde of reanimates have decomposed.

The home is solar powered, generating ample power to run all utilities. An air conditioning system, state of the art security surveillance, and a formidable arsenal of weapons ensure that Balthar will survive in comfort, and with the knowledge that should he and his family ever wish to leave, they can, via a helicopter pad fitted to the roof.

Architect Toshi Sam has since been commissioned to build similar fortresses for undisclosed clients in Bahrain, and Egypt

View the fortress

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