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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
1 800 155 3219



Read a ZWN embedded reporters own account of being lost and having to survive the undead hordes and roaming bandits in Haiti.

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UN Troops Prepare to Take Back 'Zombie Central'
Posted: December, 2006
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That's what everyone from bloggers to Soldiers seem to be calling Haiti. And 'Zombie Central' does seem a fitting term. Ground Zero for the Undead plague has become the focus of worldwide attention. Even hope. If the Coalition forces can successfully retake Haiti and the Dominican Republic, then a new hope is born. A turn in the tide. A battle won in the 'war' with an unconventional enemy who is already dead.

9,000 Peacekeepers head for the Island within the week.

The US has dispatched several warships to patrol the western part of the waters surrounding Haiti. Landing Craft prepare to breach the shores near Port-Au-Prince and Port-de-Paix. Once the beachheads are established, marines will march to secure the Ports. This will allow evacuation of the remaining Haitians off the island.

USS Estocin heads for the Caribbean.
Because this is not a conventional war operation, smaller warships are required to patrol the 'Total Exclusion Zone' around Haiti.

French warships refuel before beginning the patrol of the Windward Passage, the small channel between Haiti and Cuba. Any boat people they pick up will be quarantined, processed and eventually relocated.

Haitian Police have left the cities long ago. The streets remain lawless. The small number of UN troops present now, are under intense pressure and increasing hostility from the people of Haiti, frustrated with being left behind with no way to escape the growing Zombie presence.
Haitian Police leave the cities

Word has already spread of the UN Resolution to retake Haiti. Crowds of villagers displaced by the Zombie plague have started to descend on Port-Au-Prince. However, Red Cross spokesperson Renee Cassou said today: " We are very concerned about this development. People are gathering in large crowds. These people are mostly unarmed, frightened and very desperate to leave. They put themselves in a vulnerable position. The Undead are to the north, they will sense them and undoubtedly follow. These people have their backs to the sea. We need to evacuate them as soon as possible."

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