Last Stand of the 'Spanish Seven.'

Cava Commeca, Haiti,. (ZWN)--- (AP)
ZWN field reporter - Michael Kinsburgh

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The quiet that befell Haiti since the UN reoccupation of Christmas 2006, was shattered late last night. The necro-mortosis virus, virtually eradicated from the Caribbean island for almost a year now, flared up again over the weekend.

It is not known exactly how the re infestation occurred, but a significant undead presence was reported within the area of Cava Commerca. UN peacekeeper forces stationed at nearby Port-Au-Prince were dispatched to render suppression to the outbreak.

However, the small multi-national task force soon found themselves outnumbered by the unexpected groundswell of undead within the area. One of the more dramatic statements made in the report came from Private Juan Garcia Almonez (22) , a Spanish soldier serving in the UN operations. (See night vision photo released today.)

ZWN is the only news source with his full story: "My Stryker was moving into an evacuation zone when the driver took a wrong turn and headed into the undead. Before he could turn around, we were surrounded. We had already called in air support. It came in hard. The whole ground rocked as two five hundred pound bombs were dropped pretty near us. The concussion knocked me and my team to the ground. We felt the Stryker reverse, but then it lurched and we all tumbled over each other. It had reversed right into a crator made by one of the bombs. What was worse was that the concussion of the bombs, the shock of the lurch and impact lowered our ramp.

We were horrified to see the APCs from the evacuation convoy racing past us. Between us and them were dozens of zombies. At first we thought they hadn't noticed us. We tried to keep quiet, but one of my team was injured in the crash. He was moaning. We tried to keep him quite. Covering his mouth. But they heard us. They turned to face us. Terrified, one of the guys from my squad opened fire, and we all followed suit."

In what has become known as, "The Last Stand of the Spanish Seven", the six members of Juan's squad and Juan himself battled the undead that surged towards them, without the aid of the Stryker's weapons systems. Unknown at the time, the driver was already dead. - killed instantly by the fall into the ditch, breaking his neck. "They were trying to pull us out. One by one we were picked out of the Stryker. They would drag one of us off and that would be it. One of my team mates was shouting for me to kill him. I tried but they were all round him. I couldn't get a clear shot. The 'Spanish Seven' fought in near complete darkness for twenty five minutes and reportedly killed eighty-seven of the undead before a relief force was able to extract them. Juan, with his magazine empty, was the only survivor.

"You noticed that the necros who looked like they had been reanimated for a while would go down if you did enough damage to them, unlike the newer ones who just kept coming. I remembered training, how we were supposed to destroy their brains. Hell, we just shot at their heads and hoped for the best. There were so many of them we just emptied our magazines into their heads. Figured their brain would get it eventually too.
They almost overwhelmed us, we weren't armed well enough. Only two of us had assault rifles- the rest had PDWs. We thought Haiti was necro free"

Asked to comment on the event, a military spokesperson said "The statement ZWN received was unauthorized. All troops involved in a significant undead action of this type are prohibited from interaction with the press. All Peacekeeper forces stationed in Haiti are fulfilling multiple roles. They are helping the people of Haiti to rebuild their villages, towns and cities as well as provide ongoing protection from future undead uprisings and to further suppress armed gangs of bandits rampant within the area."


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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
1 800 155 3219