Read a ZWN embedded reporters own account of being lost and having to survive the undead hordes and roaming bandits in Haiti.

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UN Secures Port-Au-Prince From Undead. Many Casualties - Danger Ahead
Port-Au-Prince, Haiti - (AP)

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Excusive Eyewitness Report from embedded ZWN Field Reporter Zandra Corbes.
This is night three of the UN surge to take control of the land at Port-Au-Prince and Port-de-Paix from the hoards of roaming undead. It has been a bloody three days. Many casualties have been suffered by the UN Peacekeeping forces and Haiti's citizens. But ground has been gained. Lives have been saved. Much of the city, although officially 'regained' has yet to be thoroughly swept through by soldiers exhausted after three solid days of intense combat against a force unlike anything they could have prepared for.

All exits from the city are now held and secured with roadblocks. No one is allowed outside the city perimeters. Not without an escort. Not even this reporter.

Many large buildings were deemed too dangerous to search. Following loud speaker requests for any survivors to make their presence known, they were demolished with explosives.

The State University Hospital of Haiti was also classed as 'un-searchable'. It was destroyed by army explosive experts. "Believe me. that was the last place there would be any survivors" General Tilsley was quoted as saying earlier today.

Night Vision photos released today. Showing last nights house to house fighting. Routing out the undead from every quarter of the city.

House to house
Searching continues house to house. "We don't go in anymore, if we can help it." says one un-named Corporal." We knock and shout. If no one answers we spray the room with a few rounds or throw a flash grenade in. 'Necro's' are everywhere. They don't hide. They just stand there and if you go in and don't see one, that's it."

Tomorrow, the push begins to free the peripheral towns and villages. Black Hawk helicopters will undertake recognizance flights over the surrounding area, searching for survivors. They will not land to rescue people yet. This is considered much of a risk at present. There orders are strictly to drop leaflets advising people what to do. We were able to obtain a copy of one of these leaflets today. It reads as follows:

UN soldiers have begun rescue operations at Port-Au-Prince and Port-de-Prix. You are advised to try to make it to either of these exit points. If you feel you cannot leave your present situation, remain indoors and maintain a low profile. Lock your doors. Indicate your presence only to overhead Helicopter search teams. ...Help is on the way.

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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
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