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M-Bomb Factory - Source Of Outbreak
ZWN (AP) - Jamaica. Posted July 6th. /2014

Report From Ground Zero
ZWN (AP) - Jamaica. Posted May 25 /2014

Disease Containment
ZWN (AP) - Jamaica. Posted May 24 /2014

Jamaica: Quarantine
ZWN (AP) - Jamaica. Posted May 4//2014

US to press for Quarantine
ZWN (AP) - Jamaica. Posted May 3//2014

Jamaica Bus Attack
ZWN (AP) - Jamaica Posted April 29/2014

Tourists Flee Island
ZWN (AP) - Jamaica Posted April 28/2014

Sharp Rise of Undead Cases In Jamaica
ZWN (AP) - Jamaica Posted April 27/2014

Multi Million Dollar 'Zombie Proof' Home, Built in Negril, Jamaica
Negril, Jamaica. Sept. 18th, 2011 ZWN - (AP)

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Jamaica: 'Infecteds' Spotted In Resort Area. Tourists Flee
ZWN (AP) - Jamaica
Posted April 28/2014

According to the Jamaican Board of Tourism, "There is nothing to fear. No panic is necessary because the situation is completely under control." However, convincing the hoards of vacationers who are scrambling to the airports and docks, that is apparently not the case.

Ever since this security cam picture was captured early this morning at the 'Palms Negril' Hotel, in Negril, west Jamaica, concerned patrons have been scrambling to leave. The CCTV photo shows two of as many as a dozen zombies who herded through the hotel parking area this morning. They were rounded up and re killed by a private security force who were hired by Jamaicas elite residents for such an occurance.

Authorities are concerned over the rapid rise in undead appearances over the last several days. Erica Parks: necrotic medicine adviser for Doctors Without Borders said "It started in the southern region of 'Hayes' last Thursday. It was just a couple of isolated cases at first. But now it's grown to over 130 in 5 days. And this latest infestation over on the western part of Jamaica has us greatly concerned. Geographically, thats a big leap."

The threat to Jamaicas lucrative tourism industry cannot be over emphasized. There are reports of every available taxi and bus being booked solid, ferrying tourists away from the hotels and back to the airports.

An appeal has been made to the British government to organize an evacuation of Jamaica, its common wealth island. But according to British Prime Minister David Cameron at a House of Commons session today "There is simply no need for this sort of extreme measure at this point. Provisions are being made to stem the outbreak. It is small and it will be contained." However, in a later press conference, Cameron did admit that a British warship had been dispatched to the area to assist with the extraction of tourists who were not able to find other means of leaving.

This of course brought on a firestorm of criticism from the opposition, claiming elitism and favoritism for tourists over residents.

Britian has been landing troops at several strategic locations in Jamaica since Saturday. Mainly equipped with light vehicles and supplies, but some zombie suppression vehicles and anti riot vehicles have been reported off loading from Port Royal near Kingston.




Revisit 4 weeks back in August 2007. Bush, Castro, a massive undead infestaion in Cuba, and a refugee blockade in Florida

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Blockade broken July 28, 2007

Cuban Exodus July 29, 2007

Tempers flair at UN
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Canadian PM in political flapJuly 31, 2007

'Zombie barges' sunk Aug 13, 2007

Submarine escape/mass arrests Aug 16, 2007

Anxiety in Cuba Aug 19, 2007



Island of Lost Souls
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