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There are strict guidelines in the disposing of an infected corpse. Do not bury, burn or otherwise dispose of any deceased person. You are required by law to call your local authorities for collection and quarantine.
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M-Bomb Factory - Source Of Outbreak
ZWN (AP) - Jamaica. Posted July 6th. /2014

Report From Ground Zero
ZWN (AP) - Jamaica. Posted May 25 /2014

Disease Containment
ZWN (AP) - Jamaica. Posted May 24 /2014

Jamaica: Quarantine
ZWN (AP) - Jamaica. Posted May 4//2014

US to press for Quarantine
ZWN (AP) - Jamaica. Posted May 3//2014

Jamaica Bus Attack
ZWN (AP) - Jamaica Posted April 29/2014

Tourists Flee Island
ZWN (AP) - Jamaica Posted April 28/2014

Sharp Rise of Undead Cases In Jamaica
ZWN (AP) - Jamaica Posted April 27/2014

Multi Million Dollar 'Zombie Proof' Home, Built in Negril, Jamaica
Negril, Jamaica. Sept. 18th, 2011 ZWN - (AP)

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Jamaica: Nato Greenlights 'Disease Containment'
ZWN (AP) - Jamaica
Posted May 24th.29/2014

- Nato has bowed to increasing pressure from the Obama administration for the imposing of strict restrictive measures in Jamaica. Just don't call it a 'quarantine.'

It's not a 'quarantine' in the literal sense" said Nato spokesperson Sanji Bahl. This is 'disease containment.'

The people of Jamaica may not be so concerned with legal semantics. They are already feeling the broad effects of such a measure. The presence of such a large scale military force is imposing but to many, also reassuring. All public buildings are closed. Only essential government administration and health workers are allowed to continue to work.

A 6:00 pm through 8:00 am curfew is now in place. The sporadic cases of Looting and other public unrest has been delt with both swiftly and immediatly.

Military checkpoints have sprung up on all roads and intersections, and international travel and border restrictions are in place. So although Nato has declined to call this a quarantine, the difference seems to be escaping most residents here.

Reports of carpet bombing dense jungle areas by the British military have not been confirmed. However, huge plumes of smoke are rising from the less accessible areas of the jungle.

Reported zombie attacks have been on the decline. This means that the temporary holding facilities for suspected necro-mortosis cases are not at capacity. They are administrating care and quarantine isolation to only a small amount of residents. This is a significant indication that the undead virus is at least not spreading at the rate it was only a week ago.




Revisit 4 weeks back in August 2007. Bush, Castro, a massive undead infestaion in Cuba, and a refugee blockade in Florida

Cuban Crisis July 13, 2007

Cuba in Chaos July 15,2007

US Fleet protects Florida July 20, 2007

Blockade broken July 28, 2007

Cuban Exodus July 29, 2007

Tempers flair at UN
July 31, 2007

Canadian PM in political flapJuly 31, 2007

'Zombie barges' sunk Aug 13, 2007

Submarine escape/mass arrests Aug 16, 2007

Anxiety in Cuba Aug 19, 2007



Island of Lost Souls
Emergency UN Summit 11/3/06
UN Resolution Passed 12/7/06
UN Prepare To Take Back Haiti 12/9/06
Troops Land In Haiti 12/10/06
Carnage In Haiti 12/11/06
House to House Fighting 12/12/06
UN Secures Port-Au-Prince 12/12/06
Stories of Heroism and Bravery 12/13/06
Last stand of the 'Spanish Seven' 01/15/08
Calm returns to Haiti 0/02/08

Read ZWN Field reporter Zandra Corbes amazing story of survival and rescue in the Haitian zombie hot zone.

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