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M-Bomb Factory - Source Of Outbreak
ZWN (AP) - Jamaica. Posted July 6th. /2014

Report From Ground Zero
ZWN (AP) - Jamaica. Posted May 25 /2014

Disease Containment
ZWN (AP) - Jamaica. Posted May 24 /2014

Jamaica: Quarantine
ZWN (AP) - Jamaica. Posted May 4//2014

US to press for Quarantine
ZWN (AP) - Jamaica. Posted May 3//2014

Jamaica Bus Attack
ZWN (AP) - Jamaica Posted April 29/2014

Tourists Flee Island
ZWN (AP) - Jamaica Posted April 28/2014

Sharp Rise of Undead Cases In Jamaica
ZWN (AP) - Jamaica Posted April 27/2014

Multi Million Dollar 'Zombie Proof' Home, Built in Negril, Jamaica
Negril, Jamaica. Sept. 18th, 2011 ZWN - (AP)

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Jamaica: Report From
Ground Zero

ZWN (AP) - Jamaica
Embedded Field reporter: David Creed
Posted May 25th.2014

- Much has been reported about the economic ramifications of a full quarantine around Jamaica. But little has been heard regarding the actual fight. The purge of the undead from this small Caribbean island.

British jets scream overhead, flying low, two at a time, every hour on the hour. They are on sortie missions into the thick jungle growth of Jamaica. Reports of them dropping incendiary bombs are not officially confirmed, but the locals insist that the high rising smoke, billowing above the trees can only mean they are carpet bombing all areas they suspect may contain the undead.

The indiscriminate nature of these sorties worries the local population. "People live out there. In the jungle. They do. Not many but they're there." said one irate local man. "They should check first before they bomb"

In a statement released today, official military channels insist that "all possible measures are being taken to inform and protect the population. We have flown over many areas of confirmed contamination. And in all cases we are announcing that their immediate evacuation is required. We have offered to assist with any and all local extractions."

The effect of the military presence on the area, albeit controversial, seems to be working. The confirmed number of necro-mortosis cases seems to be holding at below a thousand. A total of 6 military and 3 emergency workers have also been infected due to reanimate attacks. And one helicopter with 3 British soldiers is missing. Last communication with the chopper was yesterday over the dense northern jungle area. Attempts have been made to locate the 3 soldiers. But with each hour, hope is fading.

Many residents are unhappy with what they perceive as favoritism amongst the protected. They complain that the tourist region on the western sector, Kingston and popular tourist spots such as Oracabessa's 'Golden Eye', home of Bond novelist Ian Fleming, in have been given prime protection, while many residents in lower shanty town areas are left vulnerable to zombie attacks..

Other reports:
2:15pm - Heavy fighting was reported yesterday on the southern coast as a small patrol of British marines encountered a large herd of reanimated zombies. The marines were forced to take refuge in an abandoned house. At one point, as many as 50 undead surrounded the building. Low on ammo, the soldiers had to resort of melee fighting before they could be extracted by a rescue team. One marine was reported to have been killed in that incident.

10.50pm - Several villagers in 'May Pen' were forced to leave their homes after zombie sightings in the night. All were safely evacuated except one family of 4 whose van broke down shortly after departure. Sadly, their ravaged bodies were discovered early this morning.

11:15am - A significant number of reanimates were found stuck in the muddy terrain of 'Alligator Pond', these were rekilled by a chopper patrol.

1:15pm - A military roadblock was attacked by locals when it stopped a truck. It was discovered that the driver was trying to conceal several mortosis infected citizens. When the army attempted to quarantine the infected, a small but hostile group of local people attacked the check point. 3 people were arrested and one soldier was hurt in the altercation.

1:25pm - A private yacht was stopped and searched off the northern coast of Montego Bay. A British patrol vessel was alerted after the yacht was spotted 12 miles within the 'total exclusion zone' of Jamaica. It was subsequently found that the captain of the yacht was attempting to transport several European businessmen off the island. This being in direct defiance of the containment area. All aboard were arrested and the yacht was confiscated.




Revisit 4 weeks back in August 2007. Bush, Castro, a massive undead infestaion in Cuba, and a refugee blockade in Florida

Cuban Crisis July 13, 2007

Cuba in Chaos July 15,2007

US Fleet protects Florida July 20, 2007

Blockade broken July 28, 2007

Cuban Exodus July 29, 2007

Tempers flair at UN
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Canadian PM in political flapJuly 31, 2007

'Zombie barges' sunk Aug 13, 2007

Submarine escape/mass arrests Aug 16, 2007

Anxiety in Cuba Aug 19, 2007



Island of Lost Souls
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