Read a ZWN embedded reporters own account of being lost and having to survive the undead hordes and roaming bandits in Haiti.

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Nighttime Fighting Goes House To House In Haiti - Routing Undead
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Port-Au-Prince, Haiti - (AP)
Excusive Eyewitness Report from embedded ZWN Field Reporter Zandra Corbes.
It is the second night of the UN initiative to retake Haiti's Port-Au-Prince back from the roaming hordes of undead. It has been a brutal, relentless struggle. Every inch forward is paid for with blood and bravery. The UN Peacekeepers have secured the beach, Port, and most of the major roadways. The routing of the zombie dead has begun in earnest.

Rescue or destroy
I have first hand witnessed the horrific site of dead rising as if from a ghastly sleep. Soldiers, peacekeepers, Haitians, any and all who fell to the carnage of two days ago have risen again. Some within a few hours of infection, others are only now beginning to reanimate, this after being attacked and bitten days earlier. The order has been given to either 'rescue or destroy;' to save the living, get them to secure surroundings, or destroy the wounded and dead.

"I had to kill two of my comrades today. They were bitten. A wound that should have been easily treatable. But I had to shoot them. Right there." said Corporal (Name withheld), with tears in his eyes earlier today.

Checkpoints and barricades annex the city tonight

'Flaming Zombies'
That's what soldiers are calling a bizarre occurrence, like the drink."It happens when we pile dead for immediate burning. We scoop them up with dozers, and then douse them. and light it up. But you always get one or two who are just becoming Zombified. They spring out of there like the human torch. I didn't know they could go that fast. They become 'Turbo Zombie'. You have to be ready and drop them on the spot. You don't want one of them getting close to ammo or anything." Prvt. (Name withheld)

Soldiers watch as a bonfire of the dead is lighted. Even their fallen comrades have to be immolated. "We cannot afford to leave even one of these things behind, "said General Bernard Tilsley during a news brief today.
A soldier prepares to shoot a 'Flaming Zombie'
Thousands Of Haitian citizens have been rescued so far. Many more are still hiding in the city, too afraid to leave or even let their presence be known. Huddled masses can be found on every street.

Great Britain's famous Queen Elizabeth 2nd. cruise ship has been commissioned to be refitted immediately to accommodate the Haitian refugees. It will act as a hospital and quarantine vessel. The last time the QE2 was commissioned was in the 1980's as a troop ship during the Anglo/Argentina falkland war conflict. It will arrive, ready for service on Saturday 27th.


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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
1 800 155 3219