'Dead Calm' Returns to Haiti

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UN officials held a brief news conference early this morning declaring the end to an offensive that they say has cleansed Haiti of the undead infection.

"It is now safe to walk around in Haiti without armed guards and to carry only minimal protection" Jacoby Wills, the United Nations spokesman for this conference said to the gathered press.

"Port-Au-Prince was the sight of moderate fighting," Wills continued. "Much of the city was already deemed safe, sadly three United Nations personnel were infected during the attack. Within Two days the operation was declared a success and the city safe."

Cava Commeca, on the other hand, saw intense fighting with ten UN personnel infected. Undead casualties were estimated in the 120-180 range. Meanwhile, in other parts of the island, the United Nations successfully defeated several attacks on small towns and, with air and Special Forces support, cleared multiple hotzones.

Armed bandits
Militia and armed bandits proved to be a continuing problem. This is confounded by many rebel leaders, reluctant to release their own hold on villagers, instilling a sense of fear and mistrust towards the UN. "This has been an ongoing problem. Villagers in the outer regions are less willing to help. Their lives are deeply rooted in an older order. Some of these ways include a dependency on local organized gangs and bandits for protection." Willis added.

The UDR (Undead Defense Regiment) was present in the form of their UED special forces platoons Alpha and Gamma. The United Nations military representative declined to elaborate on their role. However, their very presence in Haiti has taken many military watchers by surprise. Darek Jaconi, author of 'The Undertakers - an army for tomorrow' said "Initially their role was touted as only being US based. They were never proposed as an international force. This is a great surprise to see them fulfilling such a role."

The Dominican Republic to the east, although sharing a border, has seen little of Haiti's undead infestation. "It has been easier to control the situation in the Dominican Republic" said Willis, Because the infestation began in Haiti, it was able to gain deep roots there. But cooperation with Hispaniola border officials and police helped to stem the flow into this region."


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