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Miami, Florida. ZWN - (AP)
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Cuba Declares National Emergency. Three Provinces Infested.

Miami, Florida. ZWN--- Cuban civil defense officials announced early today that Cuba’s three westernmost provinces are infested with an outbreak of the “Necro-Mortosis” virus. Ailing Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, made his first live appearance in months on television shortly thereafter to declare a State of National Emergency and to order the complete evacuation of the provinces.

Until today, Cuba has denied any outbreaks of the Mortosis virus, however, United Nations experts have long suspected refugees carried the virus to the island across the Windward Passage from neighboring Haiti, just 30 miles away.

According to the Cuban News Agency (A.C.N.), all residents in the provinces of, Guantánamo, Santiago de Cuba, Holguín, and the far western sections of Granma and Las Tunas, should begin preparations for immediate evacuation to designated “safe zones” in eastern parts of the island.

Fidel Castro, in his live message to the people, praised Cuba’s civil defense services and called for cooperation and calm, “In this dark time, I must once again, as I have so many times in the past, call on the good people of Cuba to help each other and me through this challenge. You will move quickly, orderly, and bravely out of these areas so our heroic civil defense forces can begin the sad process of cleansing our land of the Undead… Take heart, you will soon be back in your homes.”

"You will move quickly, orderly, and bravely"

Russ Palumbo, of the Natural Disasters Preparedness Council, says the prospect of Cuba evacuating these provinces is not as daunting a task as it may seem, “Cuba is actually very well prepared for an emergency such as this, even better than the United States in some ways. With the high number of tropical storms and hurricanes that hit Cuba each year, evacuations of even millions of people are quite common. Cuba even provides for the evacuation of family pets and veterinary services in evacuation centers. Since the western provinces receive the highest number of tropical storms on average, this evacuation will be something most of the people have done several times before.”

Cuban officials provided no information on the severity of the infestation, or estimates on the total number of residents infected or to be evacuated. The United Nations does not list a criterion for determining an area “infested,” however, generally the term is used when 1% or more of the general population is infected. Based on this assumption, the western provinces of Cuba could have as many as 3,000 to 4,000 Reanimates.

The crisis in Cuba highlights the growing problem of Haitian refugees spreading the Mortosis infection across the Caribbean by boat. The Coast Guard reports a steady increase in the number of “zombie boats” found drifting at sea, and “floaters,” reanimated corpses found floating in the ocean, possibly tossed overboard after they succumbed to the infection. One “floater” was found as far north as Miami, attacking an infecting Coast Guard crewman Steven Alohma in May.

The White House says it is increasing Coast Guard patrols in the Straits of Florida as a precaution to an influx of possibly infected refugees seeking to enter the United States. The United States has no plans to lift its embargo on Cuba in light of the crisis, but is willing to provide humanitarian assistance if asked.

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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
1 800 155 3219