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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
1 800 155 3219



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Chaos in Cuba
American Navel Forces Placed on High Alert.
ZWN Senior correspondent - Jack Duffy
Miami, Florida. ZWN - (AP)

Posted: July 15, 2007 Bookmark and Share

The Department of Homeland Security ordered parts of the Coast Guard and the United States Navy Atlantic Fleet to its highest alert levels today in light of satellite imagery indicating widespread chaos in Cuba in the wake of the 'Necro-Mortosis' infestation in its western provinces.

At a 7 am news conference, Homeland Security Spokesperson, Melody Myers, revealed satellite photo of multiple large scale fires in Cuban designated “safe zones,” areas intended to be evacuation shelters for residents of the western provinces. “These fires show evidence of unchecked growth, and it is unclear if they were set by the evacuees themselves, or the Cuban government.

Myers said other intelligence indicated wide spread power outages, mass desertions of police and military personnel, and armed confrontations between Undead elimination teams and the grieving relatives of the infected. “All intelligence indicates the situation in Cuba is rapidly deteriorating"

“To prevent this threat from spilling over into the Southeastern United States, this morning the President is ordering the United States Coast Guard’s 7th and 8th Districts, covering the areas of the coast of Georgia westward to Texas, to Maritime Security Condition 3, its highest level, and all other Coast Guard units along the Atlantic seaboard to Condition 2. Furthermore, the United States Navy’s Atlantic Fleet is also being placed on high alert, including all American navel forces assisting in the United Nations blockade of Haiti. These forces will be held in reserve pending any further escalation of the crisis.”

"The situation in Cuba is rapidly deteriorating""
Reports from within Cuba are sketchy. Late last night, all Cuban television and radio stations were removed from the air and replaced by official coded Cuban military communications, occasionally interspersed with the ominous warning, “National Emergency. Stay in your homes.”

The only real news source getting out of Cuba at the moment comes from thousands of evacuees seeking refuge at the United States Navel Base at Guantanamo Bay. They tell stories of widespread panic and riots.

Most reports center around families attempting to evacuate their Mortosis infected loved ones, and in some cases actual reanimates, to the designated safe zones, in the belief that the government will provide medical treatment or cures within the facilities. Tragically, many of them reanimate, or become uncontrollable en route.

One man, Miguel Santiago, as reported by Australian Undead News (AUN), accounted seeing numerous attacks on refugees from within buses and railroad cars, doctors and nurses fleeing overrun hospitals, and Cuban army troops advancing into evacuation centers.

Angry mobs
Others tell stories of angry mobs of civilians attacking specially trained Undead elimination teams in an effort to prevent them from destroying their loved ones, only to have those they protected turn on them.

Jorge Martinez, a man arrested by United States Marines trying to scale the fence surrounding Guantanamo Bay Navel Base lamented, “My grandmother, my son… They could not do this… They butchered my wife and daughter.”

Fears of the continuing unrest in Cuba are reaching the streets of Southern Florida, as many residents are demanding the deployment of the National Guard. “What are they waiting for? 200 boats of zombie to show up before they do anything,” complained Tom Meadows, a resident of Naples, Florida.

Protests and warnings
In Miami, Cuban residents took to the streets warning the crisis was a trick by Castro to attack the United States with the virus and avoid military repercussions. “He is a liar, a cheat, a killer. Do not trust a word from his demon mouth,” shouted one Cuban businessman turned protester.

Experts are at a loss to explain the sudden intensification of the Cuban crisis. Most expected the Cuban outbreak to be quickly contained.

Augusto Llamnas, of the Mexican-Cuban Friendship Alliance, a cultural exchange organization based out of Mexico City, says the experts and Cuba’s disaster planners forgot the most important element in their preparations, human psychology:

“The people of Cuba are not machines. They live in large, traditional families, and place much greater worth on what I would call ‘human capital,’ than money or their safety. You can take away their homes, possessions, and jobs, but they will still be happy. However, if you try to hurt their families, they will resist you until the bitter end.

“From what I have read, it seems the Cuban government did an inadequate job educating their people about the Mortosis virus, and somehow they feel that the reanimation of the dead is somehow temporary or reversible. It is also possible that they are simply unwilling to allow their loved ones to be unceremoniously rekilled. It may be something they cannot psychologically allow even if it costs them their lives.”

Chris Tearney, of the Centers for Disease Control, says Cuba’s error might have been in trying to move too many people too quickly from a quarantine zone. “It’s a subject of hot debate, but there are many disease experts who believe the last thing you want to do during a disease outbreak is start moving those exposed around. True, you may prevent further spread of the infection. But, if you do not have adequate testing equipment and facilities, all you may do is spread the outbreak into a wider area. I honestly have no idea what kind of “Necro-Mortosis” testing capability Cuba has, but I would guess its small.

“Cuba’s evacuation of its western provinces might have been well intentioned, but it seems to have made the problem worse.”

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