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Mortosis Video: Artist tapes own death by Necrosis
Part One:

Part Two

Russia-Alaska 'Zombie' Smuggling Ring Busted.
Uelen, Russia
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A Russian border patrol boat (pictured) making a routine inspection of a medium sized cargo vessel bound for the US, stumbled upon what is considered the 'most significant' professional ring of 'post human' smuggling to date. According to a spokesperson for the Homeland Securities, the illegal organization responsible had been supplying a steady stream of animated cadvers to a covert operation in Nome, Alaska since 2008.

The purpose of smuggling the necro-mortosis laden cargo was to extract the motosis virus for the manufacturing of the illegal 'M-Bomb' drug. The highly illegal M-Bomb splices 15 mg of amphetamines with 15 mg of the 'necro-mortosis.' virus, creating a unique sensation of disconnection from the senses. However, usage is highly addictive and a user can contract full blown mortosis with only a few ingestion's of the drug.

Alaska Connection
According to authorities, the reanimated carcases of up to a dozen humans at a time were covertly smuggled from Uelen, a remote village just south of the Arctic Circle in the Russian Far East. The reanimates were bound, had their top teeth and jaw bones removed. Hands and feet were also severed in a measure to prevent attack or mobility by the undead cargo. They were crated and shipped via a cargo vessel to Nome, Alaska. Nome is an equally remote area of the Northern United States, a sparse population and geographical location made it an ideal area to receive the grim cargo and establish an 'M-Bomb' manufacturing plant.

It was also revealed that the cargo crates themselves were customized to hide the reanimates in transit. A false bottom was found within the crates, Under a false cargo of several heavy boxes and crates were revealed several undead, horizontally positioned, bound and secured by chains. once delivered to Alaska they were to be driven by truck to the remote M-Bomb facility.

Arrests made
Twenty seven people were arrested by Russian authorities and a further seven were arrested by Alaskan state troopers following an unprecedented showing of international cooperation.

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