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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
1 800 155 3219

Russian Convoy Massacre
Biysk, Russia (ZWN)--- (AP)
Posted: July 26th, 2008 Bookmark and Share
ZWN Exclusive - Beverly Carter

The long road out of Biysk.
Heavy rains forced mainy vehices to be abandoned.

A mandatory evacuation of the quiet, provincial town of Biysk, on the Biya river became a nightmare of disorganized carnage yesterday.

In what was described by one survivor as a 'forced' evacuation, 3500 inhabitants of Biysk were ordered to make the 75 mile trek across rural roads to a neighboring 'safe zone'.

This mandatory relocation over rural hills and rain soaked terrain was a reaction to reports of a substantial undead 'heard' descending on the tourist town.

Most other escape routes were already heavily congested. In fact, the M-52 main highway north and south was so busy that many people started to turn back, further confounding the evacuation.

Trains overflowing
Biysk is a town in Altay Krai — the region neighbouring Altay Republic. It is the last point where trains go. However, on this day all trains from Biysk were overflowing with panic stricken evacuees.

This meant that the only other way out of the town for many people was to follow the army convoy dispatched to assist in evacuation proceedures.

As the large convoy of cars, busses, trucks and military personal began to snake it's way out of the city, via the smaller, less travelled roads, it became apparant that problems lay ahead. Heavy rains from the night before had turned the rural passes into unforgiving terrain. Many smaller cars became stuck in the mud, and when one large truck broke it's rear axle, the meandering, single lined convoy was held up for several hours.

Eventually, military personal were able to literally roll it out of the way with the aid of one of its two assigned 'undead response trucks.'

Noise attracted the undead
Soon the noise of the roaring engines attracted the undead who proceeded to follow the convoy and pick off survivors one by one.

Tragically, as night fell, and the convoy struggled to make progress, word quickly passed that many of the undead hordes were following. The moonless night, burdened them further. The lights from the vehicles made their precense known to any additional undead roaming the area.

By daylight it had become clear that as many as 200-300 necrotics had been spotted to the north, essentially flanking the convoy. With this new development many people began to panic. Some turned back, reportidly as many as 1000. Sadly, they did not make it back to Biysk. Their screams could not be heard over the engine roars of the struggling convoy, yet frantic cell phone messages calling for help were constant. The pleas had to be ignored. The convoy struggled ahead.

The 'Undead responce vehicles' who's intention was to protect the convoy seem to have added in a large part to it's undoing. Although the front mounted plows helped to clear a way through the terrain, the shear weight of the vehicles, laden with heavy armament and personal soon sank in the mud, carving up the roads and confounding the travel of all vehicles that followed.

These .'Undead response vehicles' were designed for urban use only. They are extremely effective in controlling undead and riot situations. The frontal plow can clear debris and people alike. But they are only armed with two top loaded water cannons. In this situation, the water cannons when used on the attacking undead actually made the situation worse. The water soaked the road ahead, turning it into an impassable mire.

An undead response truck, one of two assigned to protect the convoy.

The final tragedy of this ill fated evacuation came at a small bridge built to hold only the weight of rural farm vehicles, but not the heavy burden of an armored military truck. Ironically it was the advance 'undead response truck' who's role it was to protect the towns people, that plunged into the ravine below, taking with it the only bridge between them and safety.

The last report from the convoy commander was one of despair as 'countless undead' decended from out of the woods and fields. Only a small percentage of survivors lived to report the incident. One, a foreign tourist Beverly Carter from Great Britain provided this report exclusively to ZWN.

"We all ran as fast as we possbly could" Carter said. "There was no plan. We just bolted. Some ran straight into the zombies without knowing it. Others were banging on the doors of the military trucks. They wouldn't open them. Me and a few others ran for about an hour. Then we all walked for what must have been another half a day. We came to a road and were picked up by passing cars."

Russian authorities are continuing to search the area for survivors.

A Russian soldier stands proudly before the two undead response trucks assigned to assist and protect the convoy

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