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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
1 800 155 3219

Sochi Olympics Clean Up: Anyone Suspected of Necrotic Infection Is Being Rounded Up
Sat, Feb. 15, 2014 |

The video above shows protesters, who last week faced off with Russian riot police. The police can be seen using a new tactic specifically designed for the quick rounding up of agitators and undead alike.

Despite world wide condemnation and protests, Russian authorities continue to purge Sochi of anyone even having had contact with a necro-mortosis sufferer. This is clearly intended to help showcase Russia as a safe environment for world tourism. And sweep aside its appalling record of zombie infestation.

Alexei Sorokoff, the owner of the Basial Services extermination company told ZWN News that the cull is necessary for safety reasons. He pointed out that an undead wandered into a dress rehearsal for the Opening Ceremony recently, It was swiftly dealt with by hired security, newly trained in zombie neutralization tactics.

Sochi planned to quarantine or kill any roaming reanimates within the city by the end of the Olympics. They announced tenders for the "disposal" of all zombies. The local community, who has been known to harbor infected loved ones from authorities in the past, did not take the decision well. They had a rally last week (see video) against the decision to shoot mortosis sufferers. Around 32,000 signatures were collected in support of encouraging the authorities to form a safe quarantine area for the sufferers, one where loved ones could visit those in care, until extermination was ultimately necessary.

On one level, the authorities can be seen as justified in their actions. The risk of infecting a tourist, who would then travel and reinfect others in other countries is a big concern. However, The measures become more than a little Draconian when you also conciser that anyone who is even suspected of having had contact with a mortosis sufferer will also be rounded up. This could run into thousands. And it beggars the question, "what will you do with these people? will they be quarantined? tested and released?" No one seems to be forth coming with an answer.

As the 2014 Olympic Winter Games continue, Russian authorities are working hard to finish up the ground-level cleansing process. Sochi Mayor Anatoly Pakhomov helpfully informed us last month that Sochi doesn't’t have any zombies, necro-mortosis afflicted, stray dogs, or even gay people in its humble town of 350,000. which meant fewer issues for authorities to deal with on their pre-Games cleanse. But there was still the matter of stray dissenters threatening to disrupt the otherwise harmonious $50-billion display of Russian opulence. Time to get out the broom with a big stick

But Russia is not all fun and games right? the people are still allowed to voice their opinions. Deputy prime minister Dmitry Kozak revealed a designated protest spot for the Sochi games — a sleepy park in the town of Khosta, which is 12 kilometers from the nearest Olympic activity spot in Sochi. The designated protest area, believe it or not, represents progress for Vladimir Putin’s government, which has rescinded its earlier ban on public protests during the Games. Protesters will, by law, have to submit their personal information to police in order to receive a permit to demonstrate — a farcical obstacle to free expression that is wholly characteristic of this regime. But it gets the protesters out of Sochi, right?


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