Mortification video: Part two
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St Petersburg, Russia
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Kirill Sidorov recorded and changed four eight hour tapes and left the discarded ones on the floor and one in the camera. Tape one only had three hours of video dedicated to this story. Tape five ran out and was not changed.

This is a summary of the transcript. (Edited for space)

Tape one: Hours 1 - 3

Aleksi! Hope this works ok. Sorry I can't be there to watch it with you.

Take the envelopes on the desk. Give one to Mom and Dad and one to my Sister. They are letters. DON'T let them see this video. Never let them see it. I mean it. Or I'll come back and haunt you. (Laughs).

I tied myself up with chain. And tied it to the wall. Hope it holds. I got some water and aspirin. I hate headaches. Got a bit of food. Oh and a bucket for'll see. Sorry.

Anyway, I feel good right now.

Hour 3:
You know how it is when you meet someone and they have flu? and you feel like you are going to get it even though you don't feel ill? Well, I am getting that feeling. I also cannot get the taste of that guys blood out of my mouth.

Tape two: Hours 4 - 11
Jesus, this is happening a lot faster than I thought. How do I look? Should have had a mirror here. Probably just as well though. My skin feels really dry. Bumpy too. Not a rash, more like flaky. A bit scaly I guess. Sorry, I'm not very medically inclined. Or I could give you a better description.

Face feels really rough. Got a headache. More like a migraine. I took six asprin. No luck. Getting flushes. Temperature fluctuating. Shirt is soaking with sweat. I'm also a bit spacey. Mouth is very dry. Hair is dry too. Breaks easy. Falling out in places.

Look at my f***g skin.

Tape three: Hours 12 - 20
Did I mention how scared I am right now?

Look at my skin. It's breaking out in lesions. It's actually tearing where the chain rubs it. But it's numb. Not really sore. Sort of .....dead.

I'm getting really pale. Feel tired. Finding it hard to concentrate and change the tapes is a big thing right now.

No control over some body functions (sorry about the mess, Aleksi).

Skin feels loose. Baggy. Legs ache.

Tape four: Hours 21 - 29
Don't remember things. Hours have passed and I don't know what I did. Coming out of it a bit I think. God, this is horrible. I want it to end.

There's blood. I don't know why. It must be mine.

I'd shoot myself If I had a gun.

Cold. Cold. Cold.

Bad taste in my mouth. Skin smells ..... is this decay?

Very tired. Hard to breathe.

F**k I'm scared.

Tape five: Hours 30 - 38
This is..........(Indecipherable.)


what is........(Indecipherable.)

This is...............(Indecipherable.)
(Shuffles and repeats for forty minutes, seems trance like but still alive)

Tape five: Hours 30 - 38
Kirill Sidorov's Eyes close at hour 34.

Reanimation occurs at hour 34.5

Kirill Sidorov's body moves very little. Stares at camera and floor. Moves to chains extent but does not try to free itself.

Tape ends

Aleksi testified in court that when he arrived he re killed Kirill Sidorov with the crowbar he was instructed to bring by Kirill. He unchained his now lifeless body. Wrapped it in a bin bag, tagged it for identification and called the police (as is the local law). He did not show the police the tape.

According to the recently defined UN law ' Universal code of ethics and conduct'

  • The filming of a re-killing is legal. Sale and profit of said video is illegal.
  • Any web site showing the re-killing of an reanimator for profit or notoriety is committing an illegal act and breaking international law. Legitimate and recognized news organizations are the sole exception.

Aleksi distributed the video to news organizations (including ZWN) and also to youtube. However, the youtube video was banned under international law. News organizations such as ZWN, the BBC and CNN were instructed under threat of legal action, not to show the video in it's entirety. However, we were able to show the included stills and transcript.

Aleksi has since left Russia. His presence is not known at this time.


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This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
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