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North Korea Weaponizing Necro-Mortosis Virus?
ZWN Field reporter Jack Duffy. (AP)
Philadelphia, USA

Posted 18th. May, 2007 Bookmark and Share

TOKYO-JAPAN--- In a startling allegation, North Korean defector, Bio Chemist Dr. Ho Li Son, is claiming North Korea has diverted massive resources away from its nuclear weapons programs toward efforts to weaponize the "Necro-Mortosis" virus.

According to Dr. Ho, who claims to be part of the initial research
team assigned to the project, recent progress in the international
"Six Party Talks" to end North Korea's nuclear weapons program is
predicated on the belief at the highest levels of North Korea's
leadership that his team's research holds substantial promise.

Utilizing draconian methods including the wholesale storage of
hundreds of undead humans for use as "virus production farms," and the forced infections of civilians as test subjects, Dr. Ho believes North
Korea could have an operational 'Necro-Mortosis' weapon within the
next 12 to 18 months.

"We have already managed to isolate and condense the virus in to a
gelatinous form that could be injected directly into the bloodstream
of an enemy through a dart or syringe," claimed Dr. Ho. "And, the
virus' naturally high communicability leads us to believe it could be
used in ways similar to weapons grade anthrax."

However, the eventual goal of the North Korean program, according to Dr. Ho, is the creation of a 'Necro-Mortosis' weapon on mass
destruction so powerful North Korea could effectively hold the entire
world hostage. "The focus of my team's work was to not simply turn
the virus into a biological weapon, but to genetically reengineer it
to incorporate aspects of the Rhino virus, or what most people would
call the common cold. Such a weapon could be released anywhere in the
world and then rapidly spread across the globe in months. It would
quite literally be a doomsday bomb."

The United Nations Security Council has made no official comment to
date on Dr. Ho's claims, but unofficial sources expressed skepticism,
"While the threat of the 'Necro-Mortosis' virus mutating into an
airborne form is a constant concern, the technological hurtles of
artificially inducing this change would be seemingly insurmountable."

"The need to effect and conventionalize the virus into a biological weapon seem redundant. It is devastating enough in it's native form"

Others warn the weaponization of the virus is of little worry since it
is already a potent biological weapon in its present state, "The
covert insertion of a relatively small number of undead into an
unprotected civilian area could have disastrous consequences, and
prove to be a tempting goal for many rouge states and terrorist
groups," stated one official. "The need to effect and conventionalize the virus into a biological weapon seem redundant. It is devastating enough in it's present form"

White House comments:
The White House Press Secretary, stated at today's press
briefing, that any nation or terrorist group attempting to use the
'Necro-Mortosis' virus against the United States or its interests
would face an "unprecedented" American military response.

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