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UN accuses China of 'Ghetto Starving', to purge the undead

Shandong, China

Feb. 15th. 2007 Bookmark and Share

Accusations from the UN Council were leveled against China yesterday, accusing it of implementing the practice of 'Ghetto starving.' This is the egregious practice of cutting off all help to a ghetto area in the hope of starving the undead virus.

1000's of people have been rumored to die in these incidents. It is a tactic scorned by the western world. However, It is strongly denied by China's notoriously hard line and secretive government. Since the undead scourge first hit China's towns and cities, there has been a virtual blackout of information to the rest of the world.

The huge crackdown on internet access and a complete news blackout has lead to many rumors, often unfounded. However, eyewitness reports are flooding out of China's Anhui and Shandong districts, claiming that entire ghetto areas heavily infected with the undead virus Necro-Mortosis, have been"left to slowly bleed to death". United Nations Secretary General for Human Rights Prof. Raina Juhn. In a tersely worded speech said "You cannot just give up on an entire community. This is the Abhorrent and last resource of the truly desperate. "

Human rights organizations estimate that as many as 10,000 people have been left to die within the confines of Shandong alone. There are also unconfirmed reports of whole areas being raised to the ground by systematic controlled burning.

Shanty town in Shandong thought to be the scene of 'Ghetto Starving'

"Not unlike starving a cancer until it eventually feeds upon itself"

What is 'Ghetto starving'?
According to a Human Rights Council spokesperson, Harriet Miles, "when an area reaches a 75% undead to alive ratio, a 'breaker switch' mentality is employed to stop the problem swelling beyond the city limits. The ghetto becomes so filled with the undead, that any practical means of reversing the trend is deemed impossible. it is the questionable practice of letting a ghetto die. Not unlike starving a cancer until it eventually feeds upon itself"

How is 'Ghetto starving' effective?
All arteries to the ghetto are blocked off. All entrance and exit is closed. Police, medical and other emergency services are denied. No food or other services are able to enter the city. It in effect, the community and it's inhabitants slowly die.

How is this rationalized?
Paul Whinston , Social studies and political development Professor at UCLA states "Though draconian in it's harshness, it is thought to be somewhat effective. They feel that when a ghetto passes the point of saving, they essentially cut their losses. Calculating that it would be impossible to separate the infected from the uninfected at that point. So they annex the whole city. Thousands can die this way. But the outbreak in usually contained."

The most tragic aspect of all may be that there are many survivors, who endure unimaginable hardship in a hope of eventually being discovered and saved. They are unaware that salvation will not be arriving in the form of the Chinese government. They are indeed left to fend for themselves with no hope of escape.

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