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There are strict guidelines in the disposing of an infected corpse. Do not bury, burn or otherwise dispose of any deceased person. You are required by law to call your local authorities for collection and quarantine.
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Zombie Attack In Southeast

ZWN (AP) - Fujian, China
Posted May 8th. 29/2014

At least 4 people have been infected in an undead attack in downtown Fuzhou, Fujian, Chinese officials say.

It is unclear how many reanimators were involved in the initial attack, but one infected person was shot by police. The other three were taken into quarantine.

This outbreak follows an attack at Xinjiang in March that infected 14 people.

Local media carried conflicting accounts on the number of necrotics involved in Thursdays attack, with some reporting as many as 3 undead assailants, while others said there were only 2 young men, one of whom was killed. The others whereabouts are not clear at this time.

Fujian Daily quoted a local cafe owner who said that one of the undead had been seen lurking around the back alleys near his small restaurant. This was about two hours before he attacked. "I thought he was just drunk. I didn't contact police because we always have trouble in that area with drug users and drunks. They are usually very slow to respond when we do call. So I didn't." Said the owner who preferred to remain anonymous.

Several eyewitnesses told Fujian Journal that the attack began shortly after a coach arrived at Fuzhou bus station. They said that this event seemed to 'reanimate' the person and agitated him into action.

China News spoke to a woman who was among those attacked. Ms Liu Cuifen had just arrived at Fuzhou station and was taking photos with friends when the attack happened. She injured her wrist when she fell while trying to flee.

"He came up to some people next to me. They were in my tour group. Two sisters. They were both bitten. It was terrible. They tried to fight it off, they were waiving their arms to make it go away. Thats when it bit them.

In a statement on the public security bureau's official blog, police said they arrived at the station at 12:45 on Thursday. They shot a male suspected to be a necro-mortosis carrier.

The 3 injured people had been taken to hospital for indefinite quarantine they also said, and further investigations were underway.

There has been frustration from the relatives of those attacked. "We have not been able to visit our daughters" said the un named parent of two of the victims. "They wont allow is to see them."

According to Chinese law, the immediate family of any person who has been quarantined with confirmed necro-mortosis, can visit them within the first 24 hours. This is under strict supervision and through a monitoring system only. After 48 hours the patient is almost always 'neutralized. ' and their remains cremated. The ashes are not returned to the family.

Chinese authorities have stated that there is no need for panic. They also point out to the sharp decline in zombie attacks on Chinese mainland this year.





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