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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
1 800 155 3219

Two 'Zombie Hunters' Slain. Assailants Still At Large
Broome, Australia (ZWN)--- (AP)
Posted: April 20th, 2008 Bookmark and Share
ZWN field reporter - Daniel Firstenberg

Todd Mendoza and Gary Watts, were two of Australia's foremost 'Zombie Hunters, regularly appearing on Australia Undead News (AUN) as advisors since the onset of the undead plague. Early this morning, Broome police captain Gill Bristow announced the finding of what is believed to be the remains of both men. Items of their equipment such as Watt's machete (pictured left) and face mask were also found in close proximity.

Capt. Bristow acknowledged that the bodies of two men "savaged beyond recognition" had been found early this morning. "Two people were killed in tragic circumstances in Broome last night as the hunt for reanimates continued.The two victims, identifiable only by their clothing and identifications, are believed to be Mendoza and Watts. Both were veteran members of the "Red Devils", one of the two West Australian zombie hunting teams, dispatched to Broome to assist police in neutralizing the undead. According to the last known radio communications with both men, Mendoza and Watts had become separated from the rest of the six man 'Red Devil' unit near Gantheaume point. They reported being 'flanked and cornered' by an unknown number of reanimates.

Capt. Bristow told ZWN that the two zombie hunters put up a "valiant fight and were able to neutralize four reanimates, before being overrun themselves." Police stumbled onto the find early this morning during a mid town sweep. Full details will not be known until it is safe for a hazmat team to enter the area for cleanup operations.

In addition, the large area of scrub around the Broome area makes it possible that some of the infected may have wandered around roadblocks. "Given the limited resources we have, it is impossible to completely cordone off Broome. However, we will continue work with all means disposable to us to ensure the continued safety of all residents." Capt. Bristow affirmed.

Town on red alert
Police continue to supply residents of the tourist town with food and water as it remains on red alert through another tense night. According to the local Broome police website: 'Residents are advised by authorities to stay indoors. You must remain within a sustainable shelter unless it is absolutely necessary to leave. If you do leave, be prepared to stop and identify yourself verbally and clearly. You will then be escorted to a position of safety and standard necro-mortosis virus testing. It is advised though that where ever possible remain ensconced until the situation is considered safe.'

Three regiments of troops have been dispatched and positioned in and around Broome at the time. All entrance to Broome has been heavily restricted to military and essential personal only.

The present infestation began last week with the discovery of a container carrying as many as 20 undocumented undead, by Broome port authorities.

Elsewhere, six reanimates were killed by police on Cable Beach bringing the total undead kills to ten. It is believed that as many as another ten 'original' undead are still at large in or around the Broome area, however, according to ZWN Science Editor Dr. Nancy Chan "the rapid rate of infestation growth in a situation such as this can see a significant increase of infected people contiguous to the core event: in other words a rapid escalation can occur where we have a situation similar to that which the US experienced in Miami late last year."

When asked for comment on todays news, ZWN's own 'Zombie hunter' columnist - Capt. 'Hawk' Heath said - "I had the pleasure of working with Mendoza and Watts on three 'Red Devil' assignments, They were brave, skilled and professional to the core. It's a shock to hear todays news. My thoughts go out to their families."

Mendoza (32) leaves behind a wife and two children, Watts (29) was recently married, they were expecting their first child in June.

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