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Mortosis Video: Artist tapes own death by Necrosis
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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
1 800 155 3219

Navy Capture Ship of Undead
Nr. Darwin, in the Timor Sea (ZWN)--- (AP)
Posted: Aug. 10st, 2008 Bookmark and Share
ZWN field reporter - Daniel Firstenberg

A Royal Australian Navy (RAN) spokesperson revealed at a press conference this weekend that a large cargo freighter, with Turkish identifiers was intercepted in Australian waters early Saturday morning.The Armidale class patrol boat, HMAS Acaria, came across the stricken vessel approximately 200kms north west of Darwin, in the Timor Sea. The vessel was reportedly "meandering with no definable course or intention". After failing to communicate with the ship, a boarding party was dispatched, Where upon they found the lower decks to be "teaming with undead".

Although the press conference was brief and few details released, Lieutenant John Ryan, who led the Clearance Diving Team (CDT), which is the section of the RAN that boards illegal vessels, spoke exclusively to ZWN afterward on what happened on the Turkish Vessel.

Lt Ryan - "After initial communication was unsuccessful, we decided that the best from of action (within RAN guidelines) was to board the vessel with our CDT. A six man team including myself was dispatched to find out why the vessel was unresponsive to our requests. On arrival on the freighter, we became immediately aware of a very strong smell of decay emanating from the lower decks. However, we first swept the upper deck and the bridge in order to secure them. , We found no signs of life. The next step was to proceed to the lower decks.

We stayed in one group sweeping from the stern of the ship towards the hull. The lower decks were broken into four sections, each holding cargo containers. The first three were not inhabited but the fourth hold, closest the the hull of the ship was occupied.

As soon as we breached the cargo hold door, our point man was grabbed by something, luckily he managed to free himself without any harm. As we fell back into a defensive position, several reanimates exited through the open door. I gave orders for "Weapons Free", which means shoot on site. After we dispatched of the first five, the next lot of them bottled themselves at the cargo door and were easily neutralized."

According to a Naval release, fifteen bodies were recovered from the cargo hold by Navy personnel and transported back to the Darwin Hazmat Facility for further examination. It is not known how the sailors became infected, how they became locked in a cargo hold or what happened to the rest of the crew. but the ships log and ledgers are currently being examined to determine the events leading up to the capture of the ship.

The ship is currently moored at the Coonawara Naval Base, also in Darwin and is being inspected by Hazmat officials with Navy co-operation.

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