Tasmania Flooding Caused By
Discarded Undead Corpses
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Tasmania, Australia (AP)
In the southern island of Tasmania today, At approximately 3:15am this morning, following heavy rains, the east bank river began to overflow. Shortly thereafter, an area stretching from 7th Street down to the wharf became flooded. What is unusual though, is the cause of the river swelling. Chief Inspector Colin Archer released the following statement:

"Following the evacuation of residents, and the subsequent ebbing of the floodwaters, we were then able to concentrate on finding the cause of the flooding. We discovered that an obstruction at the 5th Street run off was causing a blockage. This in turn allowed the river to burst it's banks."

"We were shocked to find that amongst the usual branches, dead wood, debris and discarded junk one typically associates with a blockage of this kind, a number of between 20-25 Undead bodies were found. All were decapitated."

"It is unclear what or who would have caused the deceased to have been re-killed and disposed of in such a cavalier manner. This is not a homicide investigation at this point. These bodies had clearly re-risen at some point. They do have the Necro-Virus. However, we will be further investigating this to see if a crime has been committed. "


138 Homes were evacuated. Nineteen people were taken to hospital for toxicology testing and observation.

Picture captured on ZWN reader Stacey Coombes cell phone

Australia has strict guidelines on the correct methods for the disposal of the Undead. "You cannot just throw them out like junk. These Zombies need identifying. relatives need informing. You should always report a Zombie death to the local authorities" Chief Inspector Archer said.

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