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Mortosis Video: Artist tapes own death by Necrosis
Part One:

Part Two

Artist tapes own death by Necrosis

St Petersburg, Russia

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Kirill Sidorov was a talented and emerging artist. His oil paintings were known throughout St. Petersburg, and he was in preparation for his first showing with the prestigious Karen White gallery in London this coming June.

All this changed on February 26th. Kirill and his room mate and close friend Aleksi Bogdanov were walking home in the cold early evening following a visit to mutual friends of theirs. There was a commotion across the street. It seemed to be a brawl. Two young men attacking one older man. Instead of simply walking away. Kirill decided he didn't like what he was witnessing. He mentioned to Aleksi that they could tip the odds for the old man. Was he being mugged? set upon for no reason? Either way, Kirill went to assist. He leaped at one of the attackers. Grabbing his neck he pulled him off and they both fell to the ground. They grabbed, punched and kicked each other furiously.

Kirill eventually was able to push the man against a nearby wall in an effort to separate him from his cohort and also to try and calm the situation down. Kirill's adversary persisted in swearing and cursing him. He then stopped and pointing at the other two fighters screaming in frustration. It was only then that Kirill and Aleksi realized that the men had actually been trying to suppress an undead from attacking them. It was also at this point that Kirill witnessed the fate he himself had helped seal for the man now struggling with the undead.

It bit the man without emotion, without feeling, hard on the throat. Wounded and in shock, he dropped instantly to the ground. His companion raced to his side in a vain attempt to stem the bleeding. So did Kirill. Aleksi, who until this point had been the bystander, took the advantage of being able to assess the whole situation from his vantage point. He waved and gestured to the undead assailment. Attracting its attention enough for it to start it's slow lumbering pursuit towards him and away from the stricken man. Aleksi was able to out distance it of course. Enough so that he could phone for police assistance on his cell phone whilst continually retreating from it. The police apprehended the undead quickly and effectively. It was shot, trussed up and taken away in a speeding unmarked truck.

Aleksi himself was released early the next morning. It had been a long night of questions, reports, and a brief but dehumanizing quarantine. This was necessary to determine if he had been infected. He had not.

When he arrived home, he saw police at the door of his and Kirill's modest two story home. He naturally questioned them. They in turn questioned him. They wanted to know the whereabouts of Kirill. Aleksi was surprised to learn that Kirill had not been taken for questioning as he himself had the night before. The police were adamant that they must talk to him and test him for exposure.

It was three days later that Aleksi received the following cryptic letter in the mail:

Kirill Sidorov
"Aleksi; It's me Kirill. Sorry to be so mysterious. Not much time to explain. You are my closest friend. Please do exactly as I say. Come down to my studio. Take my spare key (you know where it is). Bring the crow bar (in the trunk of my car). Also, buy some eye goggles and a face mask on the way over here. And gloves!! and wear old clothes and bring a spare set to wear. Sorry to be so cryptic. You will know why when you get here. TELL NO ONE!!!!! please. I mean it..... Kirill"

Aleksi dutifully did everything he was instructed to do by his friend. He arrived at Kirill's downtown studio with a curious sense of excitement and dread. He was greeted when he opened the door, with a wall of odor. Foul and appalling."What is Kirill using in there" he thought? It was then that he saw the true and pitiful nature of his dear friend Kirill. Standing in a dark corner, chained to a wall, floor covered in feces and vomit. He shuffled, looked up at Aleksi. Groaned and shuffled across the floor towards him. The chain harnessed his lifeless body from reaching beyond the point of a camera resting on a stack of boxes.

Aleksi's own body convulsed with nausea at the sight of his friends wretched state. Only stopping when he saw the envelope on the table, addressed to him.

It read as follows:

Dear Aleksi. Glad you got my letter. It will be a few days later since I mailed it. I am so sorry. I must be in such a state as you read this. Please understand, This is not me. You know that. I don't have much time. I am hiding from the police right now. I had to.

You see, after you led that awful thing away last night, I stayed with the victim and the that man I had been fighting with only a few moments earlier. We were trying to stem the blood flow. that's when it happened. He was choking on his own blood. He coughed, spluttered, whatever it was, he projected blood into my face. In my mouth. I know. I tasted it. Yes. You know what that means. So I panicked and ran. I knew I only had a few hours left. We have talked before about all this remember? how if one of us ever got the Necro virus we wouldn't want to spend our last living moments in a quarantine cell. Denied all last rights of life. Studied, killed and tagged.

So I became a runner. And here I am. But I wanted to make these last hours I have left worth something. One last piece of art? I am such a show off aren't I? well, here it is then. It's my video account of the virus. The stuff the government never wants you to see. Why? cause it will scare the crap out of us all. right?

So this is how it is. I chained myself up good. I have the camera filming me. I will try and narrate as much as I can, for as long as I can. That's all I can do.

Then it's your turn. You have to do what you know you must. I am so sorry Aleksi to drag you into this. But somehow it seems less scary knowing that my friend will be ending it for me and not some government doctor or conscript kid soldier.

Try to use the crow bar. I thought it would make a clean kill and give you enough arms length away from my bites. WEAR THE GOGGLES AND MASK. Christ, I don't want you getting in the same state as me. Then burn your clothes. All of them. And shower when you get home. I mean it. Aleksi, this is serious shit. As for the video??? I don't know. Do with it what you can. Upload it to the net. Send a copy to news organizations globally. Not just Russia. And Zombieworldnews. CNN also.

Goodbye friend.


Read Part two:
Photos and transcript from the video and conclusion

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