Two Arrested in Tasmania - Illegal Disposal of Zombie Corpses

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Tasmania, Australia (AP) Exclusive Report: The mystery of the dumping of twenty five Zombie corpses into a Tasmanian river, consequently causing a blockage which flooded seven blocks of the downtown area, has taken yet another bizarre twist. Read the ZWN exclusive report here.

Two male suspects have been taken into Police custody today. Charges are expected to be filed soon.

According to a Police Spokesperson, "Two males, aged 34 and 45 have been taken into custody. They will be charged with the illegal disposal of twenty five individuals. It seems they went to great lengths to hide the identities of the deceased. The undead were bound, decapitated and were found with no possessions or personal identification upon them."

The stark looking farmhouse where it is believed the illegal workers were housed before becoming infected.
An inside source said that Police are working on the premise that these people were illegal farm workers. Some, or all, contracted the Necro-Mortosis virus The owners of the farm then attempted to hide the fact that they were not documented.There are strict rules in Tasmania regarding the hiring of illegal immigrant workers. So they disposed of them covertly. Unfortunately, the blockage in the river caused an unprecedented flooding of the river banks during a recent heavy storm. The grim cause was discovered soon afterwards.

Picture captured on ZWN reader Stacey Coombes cell phone

Tasmania has instituted stringent rules to stop a growing problem of illegally disposing of the Undead. All re animators have to be reported to local authorities, disposed of sanitarily, and all relatives informed.

The two suspects face up to five years in prison on each of twenty five counts.

Lawyer Bertram Rodman representing the suspects, who's names have not been released pending formal charges, said "My clients have not broken any laws. These workers were free to come and go. They were simply not aware of their illegal status. And they have no connection whatsoever, with their subsequent disappearance."

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