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Washington Woman Recounts'Surreal' Zombie Attack In Her Home
(ZWN) Posted: 8/10/14
N. Bend, Washington

A Washington woman recounts how she is lucky to be alive following a viscous attack while she was on her sofa, A loan reanimate shambled into her house, instinctively in search of flesh. She credits her Labrador dog with saving her life.

Nicole Preene, 37, was sitting in the living room of her home in North Bend, located in Washington state, Nr. Seattle. This was Saturday evening around 9:30pm, Nicole wason her laptop chatting to friends and about to turn in for an early night.

Then she caught a 'blur' of something that should not have been in the house. Follwowed by a crashing sound.

"At first I thought it was Lacey my Labrador. She sometimes gets into things in the kitchen." Preene told ZWN.

"So I shouted up there to tell her to behave. It was then that I saw Lacey was behind my couch and not in the kitchen. She was snarling and backing away slowly.

Preene continued ""I just kind of looked over back towards the kitchen, it was coming out of the dark at me and we kind of looked at each other."

I thought it was an intruder. But as it stepped into the light I could see clearly that it was a zombie. Its face was ripped up and its throat was open. He had slipped into the house through an open screen door.

Preene had only seconds to throw up her arms and legs to shield her face before the undead intruder attacked.

"I moved to try and block myself, and threw my laptop at it. It kind of reacted almost like a living person would, It looked shocked. and I screamed."

Despite the reanimates poor condition, it was still far from an even match for Preene.

"I'm only about five-foot-one and weigh 96 pounds, so it was a big guy compared to me."

I don't have any guns in the house, but I remembered I had an air pistol for the kids who fortunately were staying with their father. I ran to the kitchen draw and got it out. But I had to fumble around to find and load the little gas cannister to fire it. I put all the tiny pellets I had in there and went to find the zombie. He was trying to follow me but Lacey had found her courage and was biting ferociously on its leg."

"I remember walking up as close as i felt I could get, I steadied the gun with both hands and shot all 15 rounds into its face..

I was trying to take its eyes out. Which I did do, along with a couple of teeth."

This gave me the advantage now. So I was able to gain my breath back and look around. The kitchen has a knife display there. So I took the largest one. I knew from everything you read about zombies that you can't kill one by stabbing it, even in a major organ. So I tried to hack at its limbs. I chopped three fingers off its left hand. Then almost severed its right wrist"

Nicoles dog, Lacey grabbed the hand that was now dangling and quite useless. She locked onto it and pulled it clean off.

"After that I was able to stay behind it and hack at its back knees. It eventually fell over and Lacey ripped into it. "

It was at that point that I was able to summon emergency help.

But help was already on its way. "My neighbors beside me heard me screaming, and ran across the street to help" she told ZWN News on Tuesday morning as she recovered in hospital.

Quarantine officers imposed a temporary 1 block 'no go' zone until all signs of necro mortosis have been cleared.

Monday morning. WP Sgt. Gene Staiver confirmed the reanimate was likely a lone reanimate. Its not certain where it came from and as yet to be formally identified.

Nicole Preene was kept in hospital quarantine as a precautionary measure. She has tested negative for necro-mortosis and is exxpected to make a full recovery from light wound and sprained wrist.

For her part, preene is convinced her loyal dog saved her life.

She says she plans to keep her doors closed in the future.

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The bodies of missing zombie hunters are discvered near a remote desert cave. Film from their camera is developed , a mystery is slowly unravelled
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