Families of High Ranking Cuban Leaders Rescued From Submarine.
Castro Orders Mass Arrests.

Jack Duffy - Senior ZWN Correspondent.
Washington, D.C. (ZWN)

Posted: Aug 16, 2007
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Miami, Florida. (ZWN)--- Thousands of cheering Cubans jammed the streets of Havana today celebrating the arrests of numerous high ranking Cuban military and police officials. Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, made the announcement on live television following the embarrassing rescue of a “Necro-Mortosis” infested Venezuelan Navy submarine carrying the families of several high ranking Cuban officials.

At the White House daily press conference, White House Press Secretary, Tony Snow, confirmed that elements of the United States naval task force enforcing the quarantine of the island received an “S.O.S. call” from the Venezuelan Navy’s submarine, “Victoria,” early that morning claiming they were “infested and unable to navigate the vessel.”

Three American warships responded to the call, lead by the Aegis guided missile cruiser, “Vincennes,” along with an antisubmarine warfare vessel.

Upon surfacing, 37 crewmen of the “Victoria” where evacuated from the sub, along with 15 civilians, two of whom were identified as Maria and Leticia Gomez, wife and daughter of General Ricardo Gomez, supreme commander of the Cuban army’s 'Mortosis suppression operations' on the island.

Confidential sources within the Pentagon reported the wife and daughter demanded the United States transport them to safety in Venezuela, as per the orders of General Gomez. The captain of the “Victoria” confirmed he was ordered to conduct an evacuation operation of “VIP civilians” to an undisclosed resort town on the Venezuelan coast.

According to the captain, several of the civilians came on board in the early stages of the Mortosis virus and were immediately quarantined in the brig. However, the quarantine was soon breached on orders from his superiors, who demanded all civilians on board be “treated as honored guests, not prisoners.” Soon after, two engine room crewmen contracted the mortosis virus and an undead presence was reported in the galley.

The engine room was immediately sealed off, however, this rendered the submarine un-manouverable.

Day Two:
On day two, several crewmen rushing to the ship’s armory for firearms were overcome by a second Undead infestation. After losing three more crewmen trying to securee the weapons and ammunition stores, the captain was forced to seal off this area as well, effectivly abandoning the remainder of the weaponless crew.

Day Three:
By day three, the engine room, armory, and over half the living quarters were infested and the remaining crewmembers were forced to barricade themselves on the ship’s bridge for their safety. One submariner volunteered to attempt to reach the radio room to call for assistance. His SOS was intercepted and a resue effort began.

A US Naval crew borded the stricken submarine this morning, they neutralized the undead presence and aided the captain and remaining crew and passengers.

According to the Pentagon, the Venezuelan crew and Cuban passengers are not prisoners of war, and will be returned to their nations’ embassies after undergoing quarantine and testing.

Castro orders arrests:
Cuba’s response to the “Victorious” rescue was immediate. Castro ordered the arrests of all the officials who attempted to send their families off the island, along with many other “controversial leaders” within the armed forces and police ranks who are most closely identified with the widely unpopular policies of rekilling reanimates without the permission of the deceased’s families.

Appearing with Castro during his address was Enrique Romato, popular leader of one of the largest, and most successful, rebel groups fighting the Undead on the Island. Castro praised “General Romato,” who “informed me of the atrocities being committed across the island by General Gomez and his band of traitors. These tactics, which I was assured were not being used, are now ended. General Romato will now assume complete control of the people’s fight against the Undead, and rid our homes of their menace.”

Emilio Rivera, an expert on Cuban politics at the University of Miami said, “Castro is the ultimate political survivor. What we have seen here today is how he managed to rid himself of some of his most powerful political opponents, completely change the tactics of his failed efforts to contain the Mortosis outbreak on his island and blame others for the failure, diffuse a popular rebellion against his authority, and come out of it even more popular than he was before. You can hate the man and his ethics, but you have to admire his political adroitness.”

Experts and politicians alike are hopeful that this sudden change in Cuba will work to mitigate the steadily escalating crisis and lead to the return of thousands of refugee boats attempting to flee the island. Coast Guard Captain Ed Jernigan told ZWN, “The blockade has worked so far, but if the number of ships keeps growing, it is only a matter of time before they start to slip through.”


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The USA is NOT infected
Despite many internet rumors, the Northern United States is not infected. The few areas of infestation are in maintained quarantine. It is important to remember, borders have not been breached. Communities have not been infected.

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