Canadian PM in Political Flap Over Cuban Crisis
Winnipeg, Manitoba (AP)
ZWN Field reporter: Robert L. Clark

Posted: July 31, 2007

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Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper is a man in a very difficult position over the incredible tragedy in Cuba. Between trying to keep scheduled public appearances and navigating the political waters of the Cuban refugee crisis, Harper has seemingly run aground.

While inspecting the newly expanded Necro-Mortosis division
inside the fortress like Level 4 Lab at The Canadian Science Center for Human and Animal Health, he was constantly being pulled away with what was originally thought to be updates on the Cuba situation, however it has come to light that it was more complicated than that.

When an unnamed representative of the PMO (The Prime Minister's Office) approached a political blogger mistaking him for a science consultant for the PM he apparently released a very candid rant. His succession of complaints was online before the PM's office had time to realize their mistake.

Amongst those complaints, according to the blog, were Harpers frustration over having to 'bow' to the US and keep them appeased, whilst also needing to keep Cuban business concerns happy. He vented a sense of bewilderment that the US had self imposed a quarantine around Cuba without first seeking UN backing, and was candid in an admission that Canada was woefully unprepared to handle any sustained 'level A' outbreak.

Canada has had a 67 year trade relationship with Cuba and even during the current American Embargo, is the most common point of entry for tourism to Cuba. Canada has twinned multiple of their cities with Cuba. Over 1/5 of all of Cuba's exports were with Canada, and 85 Canadian Companies were actively doing business in Cuba.

Political lobbying:
The people in charge of many of these businesses have been lobbying for the Canadian Armed Forces to join in the Official American Blockade in Florida and to provide both aid and oversight over the operations, with or without U.N. involvement. These calls only intensified when it came to light that many of the employees and companies involved volunteered to aid and help in the relief efforts in the early days of the crisis, are still there on the

Unfortunately for Harper, that would go against his backers who want much stronger relations with the Bush Administration and therefore a cooler relationship with Cuba. They don't want to do anything to drive another wedge between the current administrations.

Additionally, The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and The United Nations is pushing for Canada to come to the Caribbean and help co-ordinate operations to protect and prevent the crisis from repeating itself again. CARICOM is also inviting members of the European Union and The African Union to help.

Canada already has a military presence in over 20 countries, most notably is the war in the Middle East. Harper now has to choose Canada's commitments to keep and which to put off until they can better address them.

Also since Harper's Progressive Conservative Party only has 124 seats in Parliament out of 308, his minority government is left vulnerable to the 3 opposition parties. Since the release of the blog many of the members of these parties are crying out for immediate action and extreme measures to both stop the crisis before it spreads and save the suffering people of Cuba from this tragedy.

Unfortunately for Stephen Harper anything within or without of his control relating to the Cuban Crisis will now be linked to him and his re election election. This may be the first election internationally that will be decided on the Necro-Mortosis Issue.

Prime Minister Harper's office has released a statement saying that the views expressed were of a Cabinet staff member and not shared by the Prime Minister.

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