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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
1 800 155 3219

'M-Bomb' Factory Cause Of Canadian Outbreak
Posted: 12/07/09 ZWN Edmonton, Canada

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Canadian Police have confirmed the cause of last weeks deadly outbreak of Mortosis in Edmonton.

The source of the office party massacre, resulting in seventeen deaths and nine re animations, was 'M-Bomb' related.

Sources say that one of the office party workers brought along a 'significant' amount of the illegal narcotic 'M-Bomb'. Then spiked the drinks of several co workers as an apparent revenge fueled prank. The worker in question, identified as Bruce Halings was killed in the mayhem that followed.

What is 'M-Bomb'?
'M-bomb' or ''Mortosis bomb'' is a powerful central nervous system stimulant, which is typically manufactured in home-based clandestine labs. The small black and green capsule has quickly reached the top of the Office of National Drug Control's list of most dangerous narcotics. Increasingly available across several states, It splices 15 mg of amphetamines with 15 mg of the 'Necro-Mortosis.' strain.

ZWN's Dr. Chan. commented that 'It's seeming popularity is in the effect of numbness. A 'spacey', disconnected sense of not caring. But after coming down, even those who do not contract full blown Mortosis, still have a heavy sense of lethargy, depression, difficulty in breathing and aching of joints, even after only one capsule."

"Heavier drug users may be tempted to double or treble the amount taken to reach a greater high. This will increase the risk of contracting the virus dramatically."

The narcotic is so dangerous that even after only three or more uses the receiver can contract full blown Necro-Mortosis and die within forty eight hours, Re animation follows shortly thereafter.

Police found this hidden M-Bomb lab in the garage of Halings home

Wrong dosage
After searching Halings home, Police found a hidden M-Bomb lab in his garage. Edmonton Police spokesperson Cheryl Trigg said that "We believe Halings spiked a considerable amount of drinks with the 'M-Bomb' drug at the office party. Unfortunately, and perhaps unbeknown to Hailings, the amphetamine used was low grade, inferior and diluted. Conversely, the measure of the Mortosis used was larger than normal, perhaps to compensate? we don't know. But it was bad, the worse and most amateurish we have seen."

According to eyewitnesses, Within an hour of the party starting, some co workers complained of feeling ill. "We thought it was the flu" said one worker (name withheld by request). "They started dropping like flies, we took three of them to the conference room. We thought if it's not the flu then they started drinking a bit too early." he added. "But they started acting sluggish and disorientated. One wanted to drive home, but we said we would get them a cab. I left them there and returned to the party. I thought they were going to go home. I feel awful now but at the time it didn't seem such a big concern."

Party mayhem
Approximately forty five minutes later the three affected co workers reanimated and the undead attacks began. The resulting mayhem left seventeen dead. Dr. Chan comments "It is frightning that the Necro-Mortosis exposure affected at such an accelerated rate. Typically people exposed to Mortosis through none fatal means take up to forty eight hours to reach a necrotic state."

Little is known about Bruce Halings (44). He lived alone. His neighbors and co workers describe him as "socially awkward." and "withdrawn". He had recently been reprimanded after a series of errors in his job performance an inventory manager.


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The USA is NOT infected
Despite many internet rumors, the Northern United States is not infected. The few areas of infestation are in maintained quarantine. It is important to remember, borders have not been breached. Communities have not been infected.

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