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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
1 800 155 3219

ZWN EXCLUSIVE: Eye Witness Report From Inside Office Massacre
Posted: 11/29/09 ZWN Alex Howard, Edmonton, Canada

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Details are beginning to emerge from Friday's 'Category A' Undead outbreak in Canada. A picture of terror and confusion is being told by a witness who survived the massacre.

ZWN has obtained an exclusive report from an employee at 'Medicine in Motion'. Alex Howard, an IT worker recounts his harrowing experience of Friday 27th.

"I work in IT for Medicine in Motion. The government gave us all sort of incentives to keep us working to try and keep some semblance of an economy. My two partners and I kept the system running for our institutions and its 3 branches. Once we got everything setup, work was pretty easy.

Cell phone photo taken by Alex Howard shortly before their bid to escape.

We were at the party, a post celebration for a co workers upcoming marriage, Friday evening. A lot of staff were transferred here when they closed some other branches. Anyway, we had been drinking and having fun like everyone else. But me and two co workers, Chris and Pete (last names withheld) were in my office. We were goofing around on the internet.

We heard someone over the loud speaker yelling for everyone to evacuate the building, and that the third floor was infested. I remember us bursting out laughing. Infested with what? Rats? But soon enough we heard everyone running and yelling in a panic. We looked out the department window and saw clearly Zombies come out of the stairwell door. No question about it, Zombies. I've never seen one before, other than on the news, but you could just tell they were dead and walking. Its hard to explain how but we just knew.

The building only had three stories. We immediately backed away from our door and went to the server room in our department. Only us and a few others had keys to it. But it was still just thin doors, dry wall and a window. If they knew we were in there, it wouldn't hold them out for long .

Escape plan
We called our families and told them what happened, and that we were planning to make a break for it. We disassembled the racks holding the servers we had built only months before. We would use the supports for clubs to defend ourselves with and to hold the zombies back.  We grabbed some tape and set off to escape.

We peaked out the server room window and saw three of them feeding on what must have been a co worker. She was screaming and thrashing around. It was horrible. We couldn't tell who it was. We were so scared. Then we realized that this meant we would potentially have four zombies after us. We were already out numbered. Fortunately we had a cart and decided to try something desperate. We placed the servers from the rack we disassembled onto the cart and made a rolling wall. The plan was for one of us to hold it and the other two to bash skulls. I was going to be the holder. My partners Chris and Pete were the support.

They don't tell you about the strength of these things. Now I am an IT person I am not in good shape. It is not that the zombies are stronger it is that they are tireless. We had the mobile wall on a ramp inclined downward. It was easily 300 lb plus my 200 pushing on it. One of my partners had to help just to hold it still. We forced the Zombies so hard that they, and the cart went clear through the office wall. We followed. It took us 15 minutes to kill the three zombies. We also hit the one that had just been attacked in the hallway. It was starting to reanimate. I recognized her (name withheld until next of kin can be notified).

Screams from below
We heard some screams from the other two floors and knew we were in trouble. AS we tried to make it down the stair well we saw some more bodies. They looked trampled but some also had bite marks. We had to act fast we figured the bodies would rise soon. The stairwell would most likely be swarmed still. We were almost desperate enough to break a window and jump, but that would be broken legs for sure. As we were trying to decide, one of the dead workers slid up the wall onto his feet. This was a big guy. He started pushing the cart sideways to get at us. Fortunately it got stuck in the wall, acting as a wedge and barricade. We threw stuff at it. Lots of stuff. Computers, chairs, it was a printer, copier, fax combo that finally did it in.

We ran and ran, up to the fire escape. 'Roof access' the sign said. So we got out through the door onto the roof. There was no way of locking the door though. Not from the outside anyway.

Pete leaned against the door incase they tried to get on the roof. We watched as the police surrounded the building. They shot at the windows a couple of times. We heard glass break. They must have been shooting them through the windows. We saw they blocked the streets and diverted traffic for quite a ways. Soon the news helicopters were over head. A Police officer used a megaphone to tell us to stay put and that a helicopter was on the way but they were going to try and use a fire truck to get us down first.

Rescue attempt
They tried several times to move a fire truck in and it always ended up being pulled back again. I'm not sure why. Maybe the Zombies were too close?

We saw the helicopter sweep in from above us, just about the same time we also heard my Pete, who was still holding the roof door shut, shouting above the noise of the copter. He was trying to keep the door shut. The Police were not the only ones who had found us. I went to help him hold it shut. The copter hovered about ten feet above the roof and lowered a ladder. Chris climbed onto it.

The door burst open. There was just too many of them. Too strong. We ran from them as they stumbled through. But the copter pulled away with Chris barely hanging on. We were trapped. I ran to the edge and looked over. Like I said, I'm a big guy, and big guys don't jump three stories. But as I was right at the ledge with two of them almost on me, I heard a rifle shot. It must have been a Police sniper I guess. It got him right in the head. Then, same again, the next one got it too.

There was still five more on the roof. I knew these people. All of them. (Identities withheld). I watched as they were shot down one by one. It was horrible, but it also saved me. I tried to see where the shots were coming from because there wasn't any buildings higher than ours. Then I saw that the Police sniper was on the fire truck. Up on the ladder. That's why they didn't bring it to the roof. He saved my life. Pete made it too. He decided to jump but landed wrong. He's got a fractured leg but he's ok."

All three were released from quarantine today. However, Co worker 'Pete' remains in hospital recovering from his fall.

According to a Police spokesperson, the source of the outbreak has yet to be determine. A Police investigation is ongoing.



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The USA is NOT infected
Despite many internet rumors, the Northern United States is not infected. The few areas of infestation are in maintained quarantine. It is important to remember, borders have not been breached. Communities have not been infected.

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