United States Sinks “Zombie Barges.”
Bush Attacks Critics

Jack Duffy - Senior ZWN Correspondent.
Washington, D.C. (ZWN)

Posted: Aug 13, 2007

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In his weekly radio address, President Bush announced this morning that the United States has attacked and destroyed six barges anchored off Cuba. The barges were allegedly being filled with “hundreds” of Undead. Bush also offered his harshest words to date toward the international criticism of the American blockage of “Necro-Mortosis” infested Cuba.

Earlier in the day, unconfirmed sources within the Pentagon leaked that F-22 fighters from Pensacola Air Base, in Florida, and F-18 strike jets from the USS “Truman,” conducted a joint operation, code named “Operation Dead Stop,” against multiple targets anchored off Mariel, Cuba, a port city 40 miles outside Havana, and the closest Cuban port to the United States mainland.

Intelligence sources indicated that Cuban army and police units were herding “hundreds of Necros” onto unused coal barges and the undead laden barges were being sent out to sea from the island.

US attack:
According to Bush, “After action reports delivered to me by the Pentagon stated that two of these transport ships were three miles out into open waters at the time of the attack, and four others were in the process of being loaded in port. All targets, and the surrounding piers used to load the Undead had to be destroyed.

“I determined that this irresponsible action by the Cuban government, of attempting to spread the Mortosis infection across the Caribbean and possibly to the United States, posed a clear and present danger to the American people before I ordered the attack. While the prayers of myself and all the American people go out to the people of Cuba in their fight against this modern day epidemic, my first duty as President is to protect the United States from harm, whether it be from terrorists, foreign military powers, or in this case, an infectious disease.”

Later in the speech, Bush criticized the international condemnation of the American blockade of Cuba, “Cuban leaders have said our quarantine of the island is hampering their fight against the Undead. This is not true. No humanitarian relief resources, either by land or sea, have been hampered in any way from reaching the island by the United States, and our repeated offers of humanitarian assistance and technical expertise have been rejected. Cuba’s inability to contain this outbreak, and unwillingness to prevent thousands of refugees from taking to the sea to flee their homes, has left us with no other recourse other than defending ourselves. You put a hundred undead into a boat, set that boat off to sea and that boat becomes a biological weapon of mass destruction."

“My good friend, Russian President Vladimir Putin, has accused the United States of trying to become the ‘world police,’ and of political motivations while acting in our self defense. He and others have condemned America for not seeking the assistance or approval of the United Nations before enacting the quarantine around Cuba, and of not doing more to find an international solution to this crisis.

“First, the Cuban quarantine is already an international effort. Naval forces from Mexico, Great Britain, Costa Rica, and Jamaica already play a significant role in the operation.

“While we welcome any of our allies across the world to join with us, let me be clear. The defense of the United States coastline is not a matter of international debate.

“The Mortosis epidemic has forced many nations across the world to take drastic action, including President Putin in Russia. This year alone, the Russian army and air force have killed an estimated 8,000 refugees trying to cross into Russia from Mortosis infested Afghanistan.

“To date, the United States has made no comment on these or other actions by Russia and many other United Nations member states because we understand the necessity of stopping the spread of this epidemic. For President Putin, and many others, to now contend there should be a different standard when it comes to the defense of the United States is nothing short of hypocrisy.

“The United Nations has proven itself ineffective in preventing the spread of this epidemic from Haiti to the rest of the world, and now to Cuba. If the UN quarantine of Haiti was unable to stop the spread of the disease 60 miles to the west to Cuba, what confidences do we have that it could stop it from spreading a further 90 miles to the north to the United States?”

International condemnation of Bush’s speech and the American attack on Cuba was immediate. Russian President Putin called Bush’s statement, “Smoke and mirrors, trying to distract the world from the United States’ unprovoked attack on its neighbor.” Putin further promised Russia would submit a formal condemnation of the American action to the United Nations Security Council.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called the attack, “An act of war,” and warned his people to prepare for an American invasion of their South American country.

United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, took exception to Bush’s reference of the UN as “ineffective,” “If the United States had offered even a third of the resources they have now sent to Cuba, the virus never would have spread, and the Haitian outbreak pacified.”

Intelligence experts are at a loss to explain why Cuba would have been loading reanimates onto the barges. Fritz Wheeler, of Oberlin University suggested they might have been using them as “temporary holding pens.”

However, the majority of experts polled agree that the Cubans were trying to rid themselves of the Undead by sending them out to sea. Jon Fisher of the Latin American.

Studies Institute thinks, “Recent news reports seem to suggest that the Cubans are able to contain the Undead, but are having difficulty rekilling them due to resistance from the families of the deceased. This might have been an attempt at a possible solution around this problem. Kind of a ‘we are not killing them, God is,’ attitude.

Others see the “zombie barges” as an increased sign of desperation on the part of the Cuban government. “If the reports are true about Cuban rebels having better success fighting the zombies than the government is. Then the government might be trying to get rid of as many undead as possible, as quietly as possible. There are few better ways of doing that than luring them onto a boat and pushing it into the Gulf Stream,” said one Pentagon staffer who refused to be identified.

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The USA is NOT infected
Despite many internet rumors, the Northern United States is not infected. The few areas of infestation are in maintained quarantine. It is important to remember, borders have not been breached. Communities have not been infected.

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