Anxiety Follows Calm In Cuba.

Jack Duffy - Senior ZWN Correspondent.
Washington, D.C. (ZWN)

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Miami, Florida. (ZWN)--- The return of civilian television programming to the airwaves of Cuba served as the strongest signal yet that the “Necro-Mortosis” outbreak on the island is rapidly coming under control.

With the exception of occasional news reports, public safety updates, and official announcements, all Cuban television and radio signals were reserved for official military use since the declaration of a State of Emergency over one month ago.

Last week’s surprise reversal in Undead containment policies, centering around the mass arrests of many high ranking Cuban military and police officials who attempted to surreptitiously evacuate their families to Venezuela, has enjoyed widespread support from the general public. According to official Cuban government news reports, the area considered “infested” by the Undead has decreased 60% in the past five days.

While one major network chose to air family related programming, all others continued to focus on the island’s fight against the Undead. Live reports from several small towns from the western provinces, site of the original Undead infestation, showed former rebel troops resisting the central government’s containment policies now reorganized as the Civilian Defense Corps, erecting barbed wire and chain link fencing around designated “Green Zones,” areas certified as Undead clean. Others showed railroad yards preparing massive convoys of passenger and freight cars to transport refugees back to their homes. According to government officials, these heavily armed convoys would begin returning civilians to their homes in selected locations “within days,” and large scale transport of almost all refugees “within two weeks.”

Despite the optimistic picture displayed by Cuban television, sources from the international media on the ground report a somewhat darker situation.

Concerns about the Outbreak’s impact on Cuban society are already a concern. United Nations experts, just recently permitted into the most heavily infested areas report “a near complete loss” of small businesses, schools, hospitals, and many homes due to fire and looting. Electricity, food, clean water, and sanitary facilities are in short supply, and secondary infections, such as typhoid, and Dengue Fever are running rampant among survivors.

The United Nations estimates that at least 73% of all Mortosis related casualties were either young men, or heads of households. Their loss could have a catastrophic impact on Cuba’s traditional family structure, and on the psychological fallout of the Outbreak on survivors.

Already, United States Marine patrols along the perimeters of Guantanamo Bay Navel Base report numerous survivors who are in such deep states of shock that they are “virtually indistinguishable from the Undead at a distance.” One unidentified soldier told ZWN by phone, “Some people are out there stumbling around staring into space just like the zombies. Two guys I know almost got bit the other day because they were afraid they were going to kill living people and let a couple of the things get right up on top of them.”

Psychologist Tabitha Lincoln, of the University of Miami Medical Center, says, “Post traumatic stress will be one of the largest problems the Cubans will face. These people are dealing with far more than the loss of their homes and possessions. They been uprooted from their homes, lost or been separated from numerous loved ones, have no idea when life will be returning to normal, and on top of it all, have had to live in actual fear of their lives from actual acts of mass cannibalism.

“I cannot think of any scenario in the modern era where people have been subjected to this many kinds of pressure simultaneously. The rebuilding of Cuba will be a monumental struggle, but the healing of the nation’s psyche will have to dwarf that effort.”

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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
1 800 155 3219

The USA is NOT infected
Despite many internet rumors, the Northern United States is not infected. The few areas of infestation are in maintained quarantine. It is important to remember, borders have not been breached. Communities have not been infected.

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