South African Migrants Head to Gambia To Escape Zombie Hordes.
By Kim Harwell
Posted: December, 2006
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Gambia,100km south of Senegalese, is rapidly becoming the new central departure point for migrants desperately trying to escape undead infested African provinces. This is due largely to the effectiveness of the European Union, along with the help of Senegalese authorities, who are attempting to stem the flow of Africans arriving in Spain's Canary Islands.

These eerie nightime photos were released recently by Africa's Ministry of Defense, showing undead roaming a deserted village in Southern Africa.

When the undead infestations began to gain prominence in Africa, many people first fled to Morocco and then Mauritania. However, since these areas are now also heavily affected with undead, new ports of entry are constantly being seeked out.

Heartbreaking scenes of entire boats filled with migrants being turned away at every port of call still resonate within the African heartland. However, this does not stop thousands of desperate boat people from attempting to escape every day.

South African Immigrants risking all in crowded flotillas, fleeing infested homelands.

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Migrants flee Africa

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